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hey wuz up people?? im Half-breedgurl523, im in luv with Inuyasha !! thats the whole point of being half-breedgurl523. cuz inuyasha is a halfbreed!!! i luv the color black! im very stubborn. im a very friendly person untile u take advantage of my kindness.then u will die. any way, i care about my family and my friends . i make friends very easly. i luv hugs from any 1 at any time. and most of all i luv attention. my favorit hobbie is 2 write. im a honoroll studint n my personality is stubborn caring honost and easly angerd. i luv music and anime. my favorit bands are ,skilit, slipknot,green day,crossfade, linkin park,and good charollet. and my favorite show is Inuyasha. its obivous. if u would like 2 complement my journale n sighn my gest book plez that would rock on!

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   back agan
Hello friends. im sorry i havent updated lately. just bussy with homework unpacking in my new home and playing with my friends outside and not to menton the computers been occupid. never got a chance to get on. i love this new place weve only been here for a week and already love it. i have at least 3 relly cool friends. and every day after school i hang out with theme. any way im finally back. talk to you all later.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   today wuz a awsome day!!!! in my Gym class my friends and i were dareing each other to hug people!!! i luv hugs. i had to hug my friend Dustin, mason and my cousin! when i told all my friends that my cousin wuz my cousin they were all shocked cuz they didnt kno that!!!! lol. Dustin told me " i dare u to hug alex" im like hes my cousin. and he didnt kno that he wuz surprized. soo he said hug him any way!! soo i did. lol. fun i luv huging my friends. hugs r my favorite.
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

i hate this inuyasha isnt on 2 night !!!!! fuckn saturdays they mess up the fun. Grrrrr!!!!! im soo bord. i jus woke up cuz my mom had to wake me up 2 ask me if i wanna go 2 the store with her n her BF. i hate when people wake me up speacially her. even if its for a reason it pisses me off. n right when were suppose 2 be leaving she always wine3s up doing sumthing else. gosh i think that i could of slept longer she needs to wake me up when shes done every thing. so shell be fuckn ready. gosh !!! shes such fuckn slow poke!!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

another boreing day!!!!!
im not doing any thing but talking on the phone with my best friend n my boyfriend Weeeeee!!!!! i feel luved he finally told me he luvs me n god knos how long its been since he said that 2 me!!!! oh well i luv him 2 ***loughs***
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

   iv had a awsome day!!!!! i went 2 the pool with my best friend n boyfriend. my best friend turns out to have a crush on my boyfriend !!! ouch could b a bad thing. my dad took sum pictures of him n me. 1 i wuz on his back. n the secound 1 wuz of him hiself in the water. n b 4 we left we took a picture of me n him together. i luv my boyfriend he is so hot!!!! n is so luving!
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