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Monday, September 18, 2006

b4 i talk heres a few words from warped tour baby: hey1 this is warped tour baby, the only places i go are warped tour and daycare. heres haiku: uh ya. i actually hav nothing 2 say. select choir is pretty fun... ya. i hav like 2 friends at school. and sum ppls i talk 2. 1 is a chick named britney, and anoter named amanda. u no wuts wierd? i new sum1 at my old school named britany and her best friends name was amanda. wierd. lol 2day i walked 2 the library with amanda and her sis and her sis's friend was there. omg her friend (curtis) like found this book called sex for dummies. and he was all like following me and amanda and her sis with it and shoving it in our face saying: look at this! lol. omg. me and amanda were trying 2 just ignore him but he ket doing that. and then he wanted the librairians 2 hold it for him while he went outside (with us 3 cuz the only way we cood escape him was 2 go outside lol) and then he wood ask ppl about the book and he asked 1 chick if she had tried this 1 position in it. lol. he was kool but he was freaking me out lol.haha. amanda checked out a gun book and a coin book lol. sounds like the planning of a heist lol. but then she decided she didnt wanna check them out so she returned them. curtis wanted her 2 check out his little book for him. lol. ok i guess i did hav sumthing 2 say lol. byes!
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

   oh no
*sigh* well i havent been on the internet awhile cuz like ive been sleeping after school. im a sevvy now! lol. 7th grade isnt all wut its cracked up 2 be... o well. my locker is in the 8th grade hall and it take like 3 halls for me 2 gett to most of my classes. actually all but gym and choir. so ya. but o well. good excercise lol. i can tread my comments nemore becuz my comp considers them pop ups cuz my bro took away this 1 pop up blocker thing where u can turn it on and off real fast. and i donbt no how 2 turn it off without it. so if its not 2 much trouble, if u wanna comment message me. (:
byes ppls! o ya guess friken wut? i gaged my ears (thats when u put a fattter than normal earring in to stretch out yer earring hole) its not like ew u can stick yer pinky in yer earlobe kinda thing, i wood never make it that big! i did it on the bus cuz my friend gave themn 2 me cuz she decided she want 2 gage her ears. i think 7th grade is alot easier than elementary.naruto is now my fav anime. i watch it all the time. bye!!!!!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

   ??wtf?? lol.nvmd. hehehehehe. lmfao.rofl. uhh... hm ya wut ever. wierdos. idk.sry.lol.ha.heh.hoo.
y arent there like no comments on my last post? is it not exciting enough? do u ppl not understand that this chick is my arch enemy? or has no one been on my site lateley? hm ok. thats fine i guess. or maybe yer all confoosed on wut u need 2 do? heres an example of wut u need 2 do: (: a smiley! but make it exciting peeps! ok byes. heheh. u dont have 2. i just thought it wood be fun. lol. bye!
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   bring me the head of garbonzosgirl666
hehe. the first person 2 add a comment on here that has the best comp typing smily face thing labeled, hed of gg666 will be reworded with... nothing! haha. but it sounds fun. im just pissed at her, shes gonna hav like 5 pairs of shoes now and shes getting new laces! grrrrrr!!!! and i only hav an old ugly pair of sandals because my mom cant afford nemore for awhile so i wont get ne new shoes till winter probably. i had a nice day at me grandmommys house 2day. we went 2 her friends house 2 day to do sum watercolor paintings (which are actually quite nice) like she dose evry wednesdays. we all made a covered bridge in winter that there was a tv lesson of. old lady stuff can pretty fun sumtimes! then we went 2 see my uncles new house that he just got. he just turned 18 and got a house with a roomate. then we went 2 a restaraunt and got burgers. it was fun... thats all! byes! and remember... bring me the head of garbonzosgirl666
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

   heh heh
uh i hope she never reads my site... cuz she wood be mad if i did "rumors" of her. o well shes not my friend no more so id like 2 tell u all. the evil shoe stealler cd breaker is sum1 who has an account on this site... her name is garbonzosgirl666 heheh. skip 2 her 2 check her out! if uy want. just 2 see wut shes all abot... thet bisatch!
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