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I FRICKIN' LOVE DRAWING XD Art, music, and movies are the components to my life. My process of drawing includes searching on the internet for a reference, so most of my stuff is from somewhere else, though I don't trace...tracing is blasphemous.

I wanna say thanks to all of you guys out there voting, favoriting, and commenting on my fan art. I don't show much of my work to other people (and here I am posting it on the internet :P) so I don't really get many comments like this. I also want to thank my buddy Iruka Sensei for telling me about this site. You guys are awesome! ^^

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's been a while...
Jeez, I haven't posted in FOREVER. I'm so freakin' busy with school starting and stuff.
I'm taking an art class at a museum and it's pretty sweet. I took an anime and manga class there earlier and one of my pieces is in the student gallery. When I get it back I hope to figure out some way to post it on here. It's on an uber piece of paper.
Peace out,

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I is gonna luv him an' squeez him an' name him George
Saw the cutest movie EVAR yesterday!! Wall-E! ^-^ I want a pet Wall-E now, 'cuz he was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. And dammit there was this one kid behind me who was like "I love this part" like four times during the movie and I was like "Hel-LO, it's freakin' OPENING DAY!!"
A few days ago I realized that my room REALLY needed to be cleaned up. And then that became "wow, I have way too much crap I don't need" and then THAT became "I MUNNA KEEL MAI ROOM AND GUT IT!!" So now I'm basically re-doing my room minus the painting the walls and relocating the furniture thing. >.<
Hope y'all are enjoying yourselves.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Japan was...JIODFGOIJA!!!! (can't find a proper word to describe it) And I'm a-gonna tell you all about it. :D
First night and day was spent in Osaka. We went to Osaka Castle and I got my picture with some friends with us dressed as samurai.
And then we went to Kyoto. Saw all sorts of Shinto shrines and stuff. One day I hiked up a mountain and there were little spots for people to pray and purify themselves everywhere. I was so incredibly tired, but the view at the very top was totally worth it.
After a few days in Kyoto, we took the bullet train to Tokyo. We stayed in this one amazing hotel...very traditional Japanese. There were tatami mats on the floors and we slept on futons that were the most comfortable things EVAR. At that hotel we had a traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast. I didn't know what like half of the stuff was, but for the most part it was good.
The last three days and nights were in Tokyo. After spending a night in that one awesome hotel, this last one was kind of a rip-off XP There was barely enough room for one bed, and they somehow managed to shove another one into the room. Regardless, sleeping on a bed felt pretty damn good after spending an entire day on your feet >.< I had a lot of free time in Tokyo, which was nice. Got to go to the Shibuya 109 building and Takeshita Street (yes, I have a picture of that street sign :P) Harajuku was tight. Shopping was actually fun in Japan. More my style. I absolutely loathe shopping at home.
The only thing I didn't like about the trip was the humidity. The rainy season was just about ending when we arrived, so the air was very wet and hot. But it rained during the second half of the trip. Rain is good ^-^
Just one more thing: in about two weeks, I'll be leaving town to work at a camp for five consecutive weeks. I have no idea if I'll be able to update at all during those weeks.

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