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Ello^-^ im Samantha^-^ well not much to say about myself so i'll just type stuff lol lets see im clumsy, not to bright, fall asleep in class girl, sometimes enerjetic positive girl^-^ well i think thats all of me lol Hey! 15 years old! i like to hang out with friends and shop like all the other chicks! but im not a prep! and i wove flowers and my brother(embracingangel) Things about me. My favorite food is Chicken. I love any kind of Lovey Manga. I am addicted to Anime and Kdrama!! I like to make friends. I love Ice cream!!^-^ and cookies. (Mm.<3) My favorite anime is Lovley complex. I like to write storys. I play vilolin I would like to learn how to play piano I am on Swim team!!! My favorite color is light pink, baby blue, and light purple. I love anything to do with books. I would like to be a writer someday. Most of the time I'm quite, but sometimes I can be alittle bit hyper. I love sweets! Someday I would like to live in Japan or england.

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