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Monday, December 31, 2007

its been a long time since ive posted anythin... ive been rly busy nd i kinda lost interest in anime 4 a while... i guess ill give u ppl my thumbs up nd thumbs down in the entertainment industry!


i havent watched dat much anime dis year but i did watch an unique nd interestin 1...

1.Gantz (18+) -nudity, sexual content, swearin, violence, nd a lot of blood. the story is very unique-game of death. the animation was well done nd the characters r appealin wit der personalities developed quickly as the anime progressed. enuf said, i give dis anime a 9.5/10

2. Beck
3. Code Geass


i luved the rush hour trilogy but it will b a 2nd on my list as Transformers took over #1. im sure uve all seen it so ill give it a 9/10.

2. rush hour 3
3. dragon tiger gate (asian)


1.One Republic-Apologize
2.Birdman ft. VA - 100 million dollars
3.PLayaz Circle ft. lil wayne-duffle bag boy

since its late nd im tired, dats all im gna write..so pz nd HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

   long time n c
ummm.......ya....its been 3 months since i last came on. umm.....sry again 4 not visitin ur sites. i 4got about dis site nd i stumpled upon it 2day. well i hope ur hvin a great summer. i wont b surprised if i get 0 replies. so.....pce
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

wow. its been around 2 months since ive been on. sry if i didnt visit ur sites. anyways, nothin much happend 2 me in 2 months. i saw 1 of the greatest movies EVER though.......300. the action, storyine, graphics and the actin was amazin. i give it a 9.5/10. i highly recommend it 2 any1 who enjoys a gud action movie wit a little romance. if ur afraid of blood & violence, then u should stay away from dis movie. i guess ill cya guys in a few months...lol. later
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

first, i would like 2 wish everybody a happy valentines day. hope u will b wit ur loved 1 on dis special day.

secondly................I JUST SAW THE GREATEST ANIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its called DEATH NOTE. death note is the BEST movie, anime, and manga i ever saw. the storyline & animation really appeals 2 anime fans. gonna give it 10/10, a perfect score. i highly recommend dis anime to ppl who appreciates a gud story without all the mindless fighting that most animes share.


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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

   HAPPY NEW YEAR & Happy Holidays (long time no c)
wassup everybody. its been a while since ive been on. i really had 2 start studying cuz my midterm average was really low, 76%. My exams r coming up soon so i probably wont b on 4 a while after dis post. Hope u guys didnt 4get me (although i dont blame u if u did 4get), and i just wanted 2 wish u guys a happy new year and happy holidays. 2006 has been a frustrating year 4 me but i aint gonna get into dat. since ive really gotten into the entertainment media dis year, ima give my pros & cons of each category.

Movies (Top 3)

1. The Prestige 9.5/10
2. Tokyo Drift 9/10
3. Apocalypto 8.5/10 (would have been perfect but da ending sux)

Music (Top 3 albums)

-sum albums arent from 2006 but im listing all the albums i got during 2006

1. MCR: 3 cheers 4 sweet revenge(2004) 9.5/10
2. Marianas Trench: Fix Me(2006) 8.5/10
3. Twista: Kamikaze(2004) 8/10

Anime (Top 3 anime series)

1. Basilisk 9.5/10
2. Full Metal Panic: the series 9/10
3. Elfen Lied 8.5/10


Movies (Surprises)

A surprise 4 me in the movies was BORAT: cultural learnings of america..... I didnt expect much from dis movie other than sum cheap shots at kazakstan but it ended up 2 b really gud. "i like" lol.

Music (Disappointment)

MCR's latest album "the black parade" was a huge letdown. it had sum gud tracks but the other songs were a disappointment. hope their next album will b better.

Anime (Surprises)

Gundam Seed Stargazer really surprised me. Although it was only 45 minutes, they storyline was pretty gud and the animation was amazing. i really enjoyed it.

i guess dats it. i guess dis is the longest post i ever wrote. well, i'll probably c u guys in a couple weeks. i'll try 2 visit ur pages if i get a chance. cya

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