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Okay. Listen up. Anyone who signs my Guest Book is automatically my friend cause I am that awesome.
Vampires are cool.
I really like anime/manga and sci-fi and fantasy. Itachi is my favoritest Naruto character cause he's awesome and he's hott lol. Anyways... ENJOY UR STAY HERE!!!!!
By the way, I am mostly on deviantART. My name is guilleum2 (lol)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Everyone, I am SO sorry! I haven't been on because high school really takes a beating on you! I got a tablet too (lol!)

Anyway, if you want my most recent work you'll have to go to my deviant art account. OwO I highly suggest everyone get a deviant art. Way awesome.

My deviant art name is guilleum2


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