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Welcome to my site!
If you are new please sign my guestbook, and add me as a friend!
Kudos to anyone who reads my whole intro.


I am now going to introduce myself.
I'm Brittany, I'm sixteen years old.
I'm a sophomore, and I'm getting older as we speak.
*Is now old and wrinkly.*
*Jumps up on table and strips to Sexyback, while my old lady saggy boobs sway to and fro*


Woo, sorry for that image!


I have an amazing girlfriend.
Her name is Ashley also known as larienvardamir on here.
Go visit her, but don't flirt with her.
She's MINE!!
I love her so much.
She means the world to me.
I'm so grateful I met her, and that she's mine.
I love you sweetie!


I am a vegetarian.
Which means, I don't eat meat.
Eating meat is so cruel.
Just picture that poor little pig or cow that was once alive is now dead, and all grinded up just to feed your fat ass.
Eat veggies!
Ha, sorry..
I'm just so against killing animals to eat them.
I'm a tree hugger.
I seriously go up to them and hug them.
*Makes out with a tree*
"You sexy tree!"
I love animals, I plan to be a vet when I'm older.
I've wanted to be one since I was five.
Be cruel to animals, and I'll kick yo ass!

I LOVE music.
Uh huh...
That I do.
I wouldn't be able to live without it.
My favorite genre of music is rock.
Although I pretty much listen to just about anything besides rap.
That's some major crap.
Who ever came up with the name rap, knew it was crap, they just wanted to be nice, and take the "c" out.
My favorite band is Simple Plan.
I'd so totally go straight for the lead singer, Pierre Bouvier.
Their new album is coming out in 2008!!
*Fan girl scream, and spazzes*
My second favorite band is Tegan and Sara.
Their music, can bring me from a shit-tastic mood, to an awesome one.
So, I suggest you check them out.
*Evil Eye*

I'm not a huge anime fan.
I do like it though.
My favorite anime is Love Hina.
Ha, it's so funny!!
I love anime that has yuri in it.
Like, Strawberry Panic!, and Kashimashi.
My other favorites.
If any of you know of an anime series that has Yuri in it, please let me know.
I also love Ouran High School Host Club!!!
*The crowd cheers*
It's an awesome anime, and I think you should check it out if you haven't.


So, that's pretty much about me.
If you wanna know more then PM me.
Yes, PM ME!
So, sign my guestbook, add me, comment, PM me, umm.....
I think that's all there is to do.
So, do all that shit, and we'll be great friends!



Helpful site, with HTML
Kaisa's Handy Dandy HTML Guide!

xoxo Britty

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, I made a new username.
It's Britty Nature.
Only thing is I can't turn the profile on for MyO. -_-
Pisses me off.
But it's on for TheO.
I'll give you guys the link.

I know I've had about a million sites, and I'm sorry.
It's really not my fault though.
Two of them were deleted because of someone. *Coughs*
And I was trying to get away from other people when I had my other sites.
I just hope I can stick with this one, and nothing will happen to it.
And when I say this one I mean Britty Nature.

I'm sleepy.
I don't want to go to bed though.
I've been crying, but I'm happier than I've been in a long time.

Anyway, please add me if you'd like.

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