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okay, i'm an emo dork but so are all the people that go to my school..no i'm not homeschooled anymore T.T anywho i've been with the same guy for about a year and two months now, ain't it great. i play guitat, and i have my own anime series in the making, however i'm not going to tell you anything about it cuz i know you'll just go off and steal it and then i'll have to hunt you down and sew you xx so i'll just save everybody some trouble and not even tell you about it ^^" um anyway i have alot of friends at school but i don't really let them in to my personal life cuz if anything was to happen (like we get into a maajor fight and i beat the living s*** out of them) they won't be calling my house and harrasing my mom about it xx anywho i have like a zillion pets and i'm not even going to attempt to name them all..personally i don't even think i remember all their names, so i just call em all George ^^" uh my favorite movie's gotta be the sisterhood of the traveling pants, my favorite song is black roses red by alana something (i can't remember her last name) i'm a christian and alot of people say that i have an impecable sense of humor (look it up)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I ACTUALLY MADE ITTHROUGH THE SCHOOL YEAR...O.M.G...EXCLAMATION POINT. ^^" anywho i think i'm starting to get a tan (oh yes!!)
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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Long time since i updated...xx
HELLO PEOPLE!!! it's been a LONG time since i've updated my site and i probably won't be able to for a long time again...but i'll make up for it by putting a really long post that will keep yall busy until i can get back on here ^^" uuhhh..well since last time i updated alot has happened, like i'm back in school now xx but i guess that's okay...besides all the gay/bisexuals hitting on me, no offense intended (cuz we all know i'm STRAIGHT now don't we?) well if you didn't then you know now. anywho, i've finally gotten myself together and i guess i'm alot better off xx well the valentines dance went off without a hitch.. xcept for the entire 7th grade bringing a whole bunch of dope and getting high outside the school...well wasn't that genious of them, why didn't i think of that!? no just kidding, i'm not a druggie. i don't think i've ever actually been in trouble at school *thinks about it*..oh yea, xcept for this one time i got break detention cuz i "didn't follow directions" or at least that's what my math teacher said xx but that lady was out to get me..i never actually liked math anyway so it doesn't really matter. But i'm still holding a grudge cuz IT WAS TOTALLY OUTRAGOUS TO PUT ME IN BREAK DETENTION YOU JUST DID IT CUZ I'M WHITE YOU RACIST!!! *takes deep breath and composes self* so...i was punished and she got a raise xx well ain't that just peachy..ugh.. anyway i have the most emo of friends and they're kinda dorkie but i guess i fit right in, to my dismay im a dork too. but at least i'm not the fat kid anymore, that's what i was talking about when i said that i finally got myself together, i lost alot of weight and you can see like all my abs..woohoo..not that i look like a guy with all that muscle but i guess i'm just alot healthier than i used to be. uuhhh well i guess that's a long enough post for now, so ttfn ta ta for now!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i don't know how much i'll be on here this summer if i'm on at all...T.T...but don't forget about me cuz i'll be back...O.O...but anywho hey do yall like corndogs??...heh...i'm eating one now...it's like all i've had today but i don't care...O.O...anywho i guess i gotta go now so BYE!
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Monday, May 21, 2007

i got to see my two best friends this weekend...I'M SO HAPPY!!!....and oh yea...they're kinda twins...O.O...i've known them for like ever and ever and ever.....they had to move a couple of years ago and i was like...T.T...NO YOU CAN'T GO!!!!!...but anywho they came back to see their brother who just so happens to be in the air force and he's really cute too...^^"...but anywho...we all went to my brothers baseball game to sell cookies for a mission trip...but nobody was buying any...T.T...probably cuz we were extremely hyper and being really loud...but who knows xx and everyone kept telling us that they were broke so i finally decided to tell them that we would take watches too xx evryone laughed at me...O.O...oh well...^^"...it was alot of fun...and we did it like three nights in a row so i had a pretty fun weekend...^^"...
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