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Friday, June 15, 2012

Is this your handy-work? For truth?
Hello hello again my dear sweet otaku. Oh how i missed you so! I wonder if anyone really gets on anymore.

I did notice about 13 or so who were on this year, So that brings me some hope of this being read!

Anyways as for me i've been studying for a police exam next year. Going to be a cop! Maybe... probably... most likely.

And on top of that i've been nerding out over Dragon's Dogma, one of Capcoms newest creations. Been playing it since launch and loving every second of it!

Haven't had much anime time lately though :/
I did re-download some rather nostalgic one for myself lately, Latest one being Claymore! I forgot how much i loved it.

Anyways faithful otaku, may our paths cross again down the road.

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