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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

   Heh ._.
Holy crap it's almost been a YEAR since i've posted anything O_O
Well... I'm never on here anymore >_<
You guys can add me on myspace if you haven't already! 8D
I'm always on there>_>
i think that's what it is :3
well, for everyone that cares, i'm doing alright actually ^_^
got another job (...FINALLY) after quitting the last one that i ranted about for waaaay to long XP
uh...reeeeeeaaally that's about it...

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Friday, July 18, 2008



OH my GAWD how long has it actually been since i last updated?!?! D8 HORRIDNESS!! *punishes* i'm soooo sorry ._.

ANYWHO lots has actually happened!! I did go spend a month w/ my grandma! It was great but i kept friggen hurting myself... which isnt all that suprising cus i ALWAYS hurt myself there.. oh well.. lol XD
yeah i'll list everything w/ no detail whatso ever cuz i'll be here all day XD!!
so.. *clears throat*
I got bit by a snake
I got bit by another snake [poisonous]
I fell off the roof
I got 3rd degree sunburn
I got crushed by a 4wheeler
I almost drowned cuz of that damn 4wheeler ontop of me XD
I shot myself in the foot w/ a dartgun
I got an inch-long wooden splinter stuck in my leg
My aunt's dog bit me

hmm.. i think that's the most of it! HAH XD
not too much for a whole month if i do sa so myself =3 LMAO!!

so when i finally got home my boss was pissed that i was gone for so long and completely went off on me.. so the next day i put in my month notice ^_^ my last day is on Aug. 15!!! I TOLD you guys i was thinkin about quitting, so i'm actually doin it!! HAH!! *laughs*
i'm really glad i am too, it's not what i want to do anyway, i'm too impatient to work w. animals.. -.-

XP lol hmm what else.. OH!! I dyed my hair again and i'll show ya a picture!! 8D MWAHAHAHA!!



HAH now that's boredness w/ a webcam huh? anywho YES i dyed it blonde =3 BWAHAHAHAHA!!
so i guess that's about it, sorry i've been gone so long, i promise i wont neglect this for so long again!!! 8D


~too lazy right now.. yet bored 0.o





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