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Friday, November 11, 2005

congrats to me!!! ^^ i finally have 150 hits on my site. *under breath* thought most of them are probably me checking to see if anyone's commented on anything.....*_* anywho, the anime club at our school has a site now. ^^ but it's not attached to the school website because they wouldn't give us any space. -_- we have a forum too. ^^ it's fun. ^^ ok, well, i guess i'll go. before i log out i'll check my PMs. if you want to catch me, you better type fast. ^^
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Friday, September 16, 2005

hey. it's been a while. school's started up again. it's pretty fun so far. we have an anime club, so i'm pretty happy. i'm on cross-country again. i've already borken my pr from last season. on my 2nd meet too. (that's good). i have a new email. look at it if you want. my computer has been fixed. we now have broadband and a cd burner. there was some kind of virus that my idiot sister somehow got onto the comp somewhere in the multitudes of downloads she's performed. it's better now though.
as you can see on my intro, my list of faves has changed. i have been introduced to bleach (actually, about a month or 2 ago) and i think that it's the coolio-est show i've seen so far.
i'm going to the homecoming dance this saturday. none of the guys asked me or my best friend out, so we decided to go together. thing is, we're both girls. they almost wouldn't give us our tickets because they thought that that would defeat the purpose of having singles' tickets. i asked if they were discriminating against our love (just a joke), and they didn't answer. they said that they would have to ask their supervisor if it was alright. then, at the end of lunch period (they were only selling tickets during lunch), one of the sellers came over and said that it was alright for us to buy a couples' ticket. (fyi, couples'=$30 and singles'=$20)so, we waited in line again and got our tickets. i was almost late to class.
i have, like, 3 projects going on at once right now. i have to finish off my english project (research) for The Crucible, i ahve to do my mask for english (we get to make a mask ^_^), and i ahev to start on my history project that has to be 4-6 pages long and is due monday. today's thursday. or friday, if it's midnight yet.
the jerks i call my group members (we were grouped for the research project in english) failed to inform me that we were not going to be among those who presented early and got extra credit. i, however, was led to believe that we were. long story short, my sleep pattern is off. that's why i can stand to be up right now. i had to sleep about 4 hours when i came home from practice.
my best friend from 6th grade came back from california in july. her dad's in the military and she had to mave ther in 7th grade. she's been gone for 2 yrs. i think we've drifted though. we don't seem as close. our interests have separated in many distinct ways. and yet, we're still cool with each other. we're still friends. odd.
i tripped during practice yesterday (assuming today's still thurs). yeah. i tripped over a root i guess and i slid a little. the side of my knee was skinned. it looks bad, but it feels worse when too much pressure or friction/rubbing is applied to it.
i'm gonna try to get my entire fan fic up as soon as i can. and don't worry. as soon as i find a good color that won't fade into the bg, the orange goes.
i guess those are all the necessities i needed to say. ja ne.
oh, almost forgot. i'll probably getting on alot more now. so you can start communicating. but if the threat of my sister knowing about this account (i was supposed to delete it at least 1/2 a yr ago), then i will delete this account and recreate it when i get my own laptop. so if all communications are lost with me, try my email. i'll try to keep in touch that wya. ^_^ NOW ja ne.

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   I'M ON!
yay! i'm on the computer! yay! i haven't been able to get on like, forever. our computer is hating us and won't do anything and i haven't been able to get to another computer. yeah. okay, well, i had to print out some of my files on hard copy so i could transfer them somewhere else and one of those was this fan fiction i'm about to type up. anyway, here it is.

OUr story takes place in the military radio control room. Low-life workers Fred, Bill, and another worker, are ignoring their jobs because nothing ever happens. As they take part in personal life conversations, their pathetic lives are interrupted by something very unusual...
"Hey Bill. How was the daye?" inquired Fred.
"Great! She's perfect for me. She has everything that I'm looking for!" proclaimed Bill.
"Well, don't get too overexcited," chastised Fred.
"Oh? And why not? Because you're jealous?" taunted Bill.
"I AM NOT!" Fred is starting to get very ticked. He responds in a childish way that gives away his true feelings better than if he had screamed "I'M JEALOUS OF THE LITTLE NERD IN THE MILITARY RADIO ROOM!".
Fred and Bill are about to get into a one-sided battle of wits (favor being on Bill's side), when a fellow coworker chimes in with an update.
"Shut up! There's something on the radio!"
"You idiot. That's just static!" quipped Fred.
"Real mature, Fred. But my point is that there's never ANYTHING on the radio transmissions."
"Well, yeah, but --"
"Shh! Listen!" interrupted Bill.
"No! Pl---! -e-v-- u- --o--! AUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!" The fuzzy radio transmission was incomprehensible, but the scream before the transmission cut out was crystal clear. The almost insignificant workers immediately called the miitary (at four o'clock in the morning, mind you) to go check out that was given from the GPS. The workers tried calling over and over again, but failed to get through. Sot they called the police from Central. Well, they couldn't send out any of their men, so they called up Roy Mustang, because he's always interested in these backyard crimes, and Jean Havoc, because he's a great partner for Roy. Roy and Havoc met each other at the scene of the crime, both wary of the possibility that Scar had done this and was still lurking around.

due to my friends telling me to get off the computer and watch TV with them, this will be continued the next time i am online. excuse me, i have just been informed that it's not just TV, it's anime. there's no arguing with that. over and out. ^_^

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   math...sort of
did you know that 111,111,111 times 111,111,111 is 12345678987654321? ISN'T THAT COOL?!?!?!?! (if you're lazy and don't get it, then look at the numbers CAREFULLY.) (stupid morons, always needed to be spoon-fed every little thing...*mumble* *grumble* *hiss* *yes, hiss*)
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   nu fanfic
i wrote a new fan fic. actually, i wrote a long time ago, but i've never been able to post it. i still can't. our computer is going to be wiped clean because of some virus that won't let us get on the internet and go to sites. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! lol! anyway, we can't IM either. so no one can IM me. till i say. but, about the fan fic, i printed it out so, no fear, i'll retype it and post it. but man oh man! my pictures! i had over 1,000 files in my one little file on the desktop! (slightly OCD) oh, and we can't use the floppy drive because it's screwed and we don't have a CD burner, so i can't burn my file to a CD. so, we're pretty much screwed for everything. right, and our ink is running low. (OUR COMPUTER HA-A-ATES US!!!! WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!) *sigh* well, back to life. bye!
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