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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life of survival seems to be not a life but just a mere existence.
I know that the jungle seems to be so pure that it teaches us through the purity of its own.
Are the entities forming wilderness pure as the one it constitute?
But they only live through survival, living the way they meant to live.
Are the trees, beast, prey and stalkers also pure.
Or are they just a background to our stage play?

I know for a fact that they are living the way they meant to live.
Their life is not just a mere existence because they give us the gift of fire.
This purifies us to pursue our way.
The direction of fire is always up. No matter how you turn it it knows by instinct its way.

May be its time to find the fire with in us. This consumes and renews us.
It may turn us to our best or worst but is will surely transforms us.
And escape stagnation
True hell is not living at all.

God, may I thank you for allowing discontentment, frustrations, hurt and restlessness to go our way.
Although this may not be our true essence but like void and darkness we can appreciate creation and light.
What do we do when we are in the eye of a storm? when all the forces of nature go against our way?

My life is a path that blazes in fire every step is a step that consumes the old me.
But as I live the old me , I preserve the fragments that has been left by the fire.
Living is movement with inspiration.
Its God who designs the interiors of the forest. Not a single leaf dare to fall without His consent.

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