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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wihtin me, resurfacing is the the suffering of incontentment and mediocrity. it seems that we are just part of the human race cycle of birth and death then birth again. i believe that is something special, something worth living, like when we experiece something phenomenal even just in a simple magic trick, an illusion. you feel and realize how ... See Morewondrful life is.

It also fascinates me that each one of us had been given by the creator with unique- special abilities. for instance me, i frequently to foresay what another person is suppose to say even if its chinese (when i do not have even have a general idea with the language)but it just happens unpredictably.

I want to know magic and live with it all my life. for me it gives me a glance to what is enstore for me, what i am suppose to do. there is a great organization in this universe that may be is beyond any man's comprehension. but perhaps a minute measurement of revelation put us in awe and we call it magic. it makes sense to me that my life is for "DISCOVERY". even in my childhood as far has i can remember until now i believe that even in the most chaotic space there is harmony waiting to be seen.

At this age of mine,22, i want to align my self with the greater scheme of things, the so-called "will of God". its just that i am weary of a predictable life. a life of cause and effect. not that i am superb in the process of anticipation but its just that there are frequent instances that the usual things are revealed to me and spoiling the excitement. there are also instances that i am so restless that i would give anything just to know what will happen. i know that if i do what i am suppose to do; i would make the most of life. i just know that every thing will just be so perfect. like a jigsaw puzzle.

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