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Monday, May 10, 2010

In my childhood i believed that when someone passed away his or her soul becomes an angel. today i know that a soul and an angel are different according to the catholic belief.

although there are some informations that i believe are trivial, i is most important to experience them, angels. i remember those time when i am full of love from my family, friends and others i bearly know. it made me feel invulnerable. as if nothing can stop me. there is just the full compulsion to move to a certain direction. but i felt it whire i was reflecting(you may call it meditating or deep thinking).as if i am guided. the feeling that i am remove from anything that is unpleasant like the feeling of envy, self pity, incontentment and all that i must say “EAT” the days of my life. now it hard to experience it.

There are lots of reasons i could think why but i havent relfected the real reason. there are also those “aha!” moment when God seems to speak with me as if there are certain message that is very much meaningful to the whole me. i cannot also deny the numerous instances when thing i always think of, those that preoccupy me whether it is a problem, an idea, a though or a dream reavels it self to me in television, radio, books etc.

this are somewhat i say is out of the ordinary. i also thing that when i think deep there are many ideas that come to my mind. others may rationalize that iit is the power of the human brain but i just think that those phenomenon i observed and i am convinced are more than the processe a man made computer can accomplish- its more than the synergy of applied science, mathematics, logic etc.

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