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Monday, May 10, 2010

   What makes me happy?
Happiness is not just about comfort, satisfaction and temporary indulgence that certain person experiences where there still lingers a sense of discontentment and restlessness for being incomplete. It is also in simplest terms the state where one canít ask for more. We commonly relate happiness with the fulfillment of an individualís dream but few understand that it is also a choice. For instance, I timidly admit my discontentment and frustration to those around me and even to myself. A good way that I do to cope with this is to choose not to be affected and at the same time look at the brighter side of life, laughter. This does not make me succumb to the forces of the world is only it implies my acceptance to what lessons nature is offering me but fight to my right and claim my destiny.

Like most people, I can superficially be happy when I have my own dream house. It would be home where I can have privacy, security, and comfort. There would be no one to please but myself because I am the king there. I frequently design it in my dreams. I would imagine my house having a pond and a garden where I can have my outdoor reading and enjoy the scenery, garage space for my cars and bikes and a play ground for my children and their playmates. The architecture and interiors would be personalized so that it would reflect my personality. Furniture would be custom made. The receiving room would contain a grand piano, violin, grandfatherís clock and other antique and a plasma television. Then I would also have my own library where Iíll place collection of books. Like in the movies, if I am able to I would make a secret passage to my secret lair where I place the state of the art gadgets for security and other affairs like Bruce Wayne.

Definitely who wants to drown himself to monotony for the rest of his life? Surely, that would not be me. That is why I need a job that would allow me to travel and meet lots of people, show-off my prowess, encounter challenges and overcoming them would be much handy to my wellbeing. Occasionally there is a need to pump up ones blood. Thus, some competition would not hurt. Has the saying goes, ďIf you do not have enemies try to make one for you to alert your senses.Ē Work gives me a sense of fulfillment and a reason to get up each morning. I compare it to a plate where I can eat and satisfy my appetite for achievement

A large portion of my happiness may be on an intimate person that I will be in a relationship with. It is at this stage of my life that I am confronted with loneliness. It is like bound us to be with that special person that would quench the thirst for intimate company. I think it would really bring me joy when there is that individual that I can share my life with and bring forth affirmation to my life that seemed to be so insignificant compare to the vast universe. I think this is the reason why they regard love as the refuge of mediocrity. It is like two miniscule grains of sand that when separated will be devoured by oblivion and forlorn by time for they are so insignificant to the billions of specs of dust but together they would be remembered by each other forever. This may somewhat be confusing because I thought that true love frees and empowers every being but all a can find here is dependence. It would be like being helpless because the person has surrendered his invulnerable armor and submitted his heart to someone he barely knows and it would be to the other personís discretion whether to pierce it or not. The situation will be like an impending death. I find myself ironic when I yearn for this relationship in order to be happy.

Exploration is one of my greatest dreams. I like probing mysterious sites then uncover their hidden wonders. I envy those people who live like every day is a surprise and there are no dull moments. My love for travel is not limited to visiting distant places but also journeying to the realm of knowledge. It is delighting to investigate some phenomena of my interest and unravel their secrets and may pave way for questions to be answered more so problems are solved. That may be a rare reward one can have. With all these things I can think of that brings smile to me, there is none among them that I am confident enough for my joy to last a lifetime. At this point, I am completely at lost to where I am in my pursuit for happiness. I know that at this present I am I am comfortable and secured but the question is until when? This is the time of life where I need to separate with my parents and pursue the life of my own. Man is so prone of being fed up even of the most wonderful thing. Though this is true, I do believe that God has something for me, my very own destiny. I could give an eyetooth just to have a glimpse at Godís sight. So that that my search would end and like a jigsaw puzzle, I would know where to place myself in this very complicated world.

Up to this present, none of these dreams are fulfilled yet. I maybe suffering from impatience and great yearnings of my heart but I can settle with the present happiness I have that I do treasure that is the love of my family. With their trust and support, I am invincible. They do not make me undefeatable only that nothing can harm my spirit.

Happiness is beyond smiling and being comfortable on his or her status. It is a constant battle within ones heart. The joy is not on the victories but to rising in every fall. Life was not made to be comfortable with anybody nor is it to make someone miserable. You just have to accept what the world is offering you and in the end taki8ng pride to all the things you have surpassed.

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