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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

   The Perigraduation
I feel so lost in this ruthless ever-changing universe.
In this inevitable transition, the greatest appeal is only a strike to the waters.
I am urged to remove myself, escape and cease the time.
I must know “where am I?” then curse this life that forsaken me, forlorn.

This unfamiliarity had pushed me to murder my old identity.
Then my body declared apathy, it id not even contain a measure of compassion.
Would this lament to death permit me to sail ashore and just move!!!
I know this wallowing would never excuse the world to share the burden of my misery.

I regret this day where the fellowship we’ve build is in the verge of collapse.
This foundation, these pillars, has reached the forks of the delta.
Now I have no option but to accept we were destined to pursue different paths.
The fact remains that there are still beautiful things written to the great scheme- until then…

I’m a big fish trapped in a goldfish’s bowl.
An attempt to stay would be a detriment to the living inside of me.
Though I fear the savaged seas, its solitude, I cannot defy being submerged.
I fail to see where I start nor where will I end.

This sea bed is no different from a hungry vacuum of void.
Now I am doomed to be devoured to oblivion.
I am drenched in the tears of those prior to me and soon merges mine too.
Does my fate rest between Charybdis and Scylla?

But this whining I do are meaningless beads of sand.
I must go on, continue, and bear every moment, each stab.
Though with all that is in me living must protect my core- spirit.
Then my dreams shall conceive and give birth to a new warrior .
That will make his way through battles until he reaches his end-TELOS…

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