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Jello and welcome to my little wierd site or is it wierd little site.ummm....hmmm...idk o well just welcome to my site as you see I obviously like the color green....a lot! Make sure u tell me what u think of the poems....if there retarded, dumb, nice w/e i just want to know what peoplz thinks about em...umm here are most of the anime/manga that i like:

Sailor Moon
Love Hina
Yu Yu Hakusho
.Hack Sign
Kill Me Kiss Me
AI Love You
Rurouni Kenshin
Gundam Seed
Full Metal Panic
Now and Then Here and There
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
Hand Maid May
Please Teacher
Samurai Deeper Kyo

there might be more but those are the ones that I member that I like..umm lets c what else am i forgeting hmm......o yea........please check out my friends site her name is Hidden Talent shes a good friend of mine and so far shes done a nice job on her site so check out when u have time and sign her guetbook and stuff thanx a bunch and umm.....o and im not sure if i mentioned this or not but just to let u peoplez know im Egyptian and no i didnt bomb any1 for those of u who would think that ok thats it laterz..........
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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   O MaN i HaVeNt BeEn On HeRe In FoReVer!!!X_x
im sorry to all of my friends out there and new friends i had a bunch of crap going on through my life and i just felt like s*** and now i have summer school ughhh....!! u can read about me and some other stuff from my Myspace account thing. the link to it is:.....


i havent really posted much on there about my life and what not but still there is stuff on there from me so yea anywhoo i hope u guys are having fun this summer i kinda was but not any more my brother just finalized that by being an a** and getting me in trouble so now my moms all pissed off at me. what happened was that i get to use the internet and my bro isnt allowed and so one day my brother begs me and begs me for me to let him use it for just 10 minutes so i thought itd be ok so i did i didnt want him in my room tho so he installed AOL onto his comp and then i signed him on but that was a BiG mIsTaKe cuz then without me knowing he saves the password on there and so it pissed me off and i found out when i was using his comp instead of my uncles laptop cuz this DVD i wanted to watch wasnt working on here. so then i saw it and he tried to kick me out of his room so i tried to unsave the password and delete it from there and he was pulling me and grabbing my arms abusively trying to get me out so then i finally got out and i just changed my password and now that my mom found out about it cuz he said to her yes she was letting me use it so i got in trouble my mom hasnt talked to me since. so now i just want to f***in break my brothers neck and then leave the house i cant stand living here then just now about 5 minutes ago my bro has the nerve to try and get me off the computer so he can use the internet once again that little b**** pisses me off. but the thing that sucks is that hes not little hes 17 and he has a lot of muscle so if i get in a fight with him. I'm the one who comes out with brusis(dont care if i spelled it wrong) *im sorry if i seem a bit pissed off but life is just stabbing at me right now* i just cant stand living here ive been wanting to leave and move in with my aunt lately but she live so far away and that would mean for me to start a new life and to move away from all of my great friends and i dont want to do that so i just stand the pain and stay. ughhhh........life is really a b**** isnt it.....X_x oh and another thing my moms bday is on the 10th what a great way to make my mom happy *sighs* grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! o well i guess ill talk to u guys later i need to go scream in a pillow for awhile............

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Monday, May 23, 2005

   Jello!!!! so heres another poem that i wrote when I got all pissed off at my mom after the party on Saturday
I felt so crappy that day cuz of my mom.

Iím disgusted of this life I live
My family are annoying fuckers who donít deserve to live
They think that life is all about school
I always tell them there a bunch of lying fools
I need to leave this house someday
And find a good place just to run away
I wouldnít mind laying on the street cuz
Once I'm gone maybe theyíll notice how much they were wrong
Ill go live with my true friends
The ones who I know will love me to the end
Theyíll stand by my side when I need to cry
Hold me in there arms and tell me ill be just fine
The thing is they donít know what Iím going through
I tell them what happened but they donít feel the pain like I do
So I find that little pistol in the locked up in that cupboard
I hold it to my head about to pull back I hear screams inside my head
Yelling and begging for me to stop
These are my friends there screams of horror
Iím having some sort of vision of what will come to be
If I do something like this happening to me
All my friendsí morning over the coffin with me inside
I look throughout the crowd and I notice the family that ďcaredĒ arenít there
Not even my own mother

laterz peoplz i love u all im feelin better my friends cheered me up but Im still pissed off at my mom cuz she waas annoying and she is still p-m-s-ing so it sucks alright well laterz..........

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   Yesterday was half bad and half good.........
I cleaned my room yesterday which I NEVER do lol and there was a bunch of crap all over the place. Then I went out to go run a mile down at a school called Kucera Middle. There was no one there and it was so hott I was litterally burning up. The thing is though i still didnt get a tan on my legs they are still so white lol. umm...........lets see I went to a party later on and it was fun. We ate(food was goood) lol danced around acting retarded. The guys moshed two of em took off there shirts. We sang and danced and just had one big paartay! lol. But then my mom came and pissed me off so bad ill tell u guys about later i gots to go now laterz everyone love u all.
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   Another poem! { comments appreciated}

I go to the park
Sit on the swing
I look around and I realize
Im not alone
The swing next to me is moving
But for some reason my
Plain eyes cant see
I sit there in wonder as that
Swing moves back n forth
It follows my every motion
And I wonder if this person
knows me
I sit there waiting quietly
And finally I say hello
Silence of the wind
And then a whisper of a girl
She says to me to move on
move ahead
dont stop for one day
The Time will come and
you will be happy
It may be for a moment but youll love every minute

Jello everyone sorry I keep doing this but I have another website now its on myspace and so I started to work on it I made it not to long ago but yea if you want go ahead and check it out:


just copy and past that to check it out. But Ill try and post w/e i post there on hear and the same the other way around. Alright well umm heres something its another poem.

Back in school
We all act like fools
Joke and play
We always have something to say
If we dont speak up
We get left out
Pushed into the darkness
of the little corner in our heads
Curl up push our knees into our chest
Rock back n forth
Searching for some confort
All mixed up in this sea of lies
Always lonely wishing for someone
To love to hold tight
Wishing for a helping hand to carry you out
And comfort you from all these wounds
Then suddenly you crash and lose it all
Falling back just falling down
The deep black hole
Just sucks you in

umm and theres this:
May 17,2005 that day was killer dude!! Man jello everyone lol today was da best watch a movie(Day After Tomorrow its a good movie by the way) in 5th period 6th took spanish test so simple lunch actin crazy with friends tickling em chokin them and squeezing the shit out of dyana,tiff, sammy and me *ooofff* cant breath eh* umm went to dyanas house ton of fun umm chili fries chihuahua barkin goin crazy if we hurt dyana lol scared the crap out of me tho. umm borrowed cds head banged in circles and just plain out go crrazy and party o and tiff and sam were there to. went home tiff came wit me she freakin abused me tho we kept hitting each other and she pinched my tit lol i kick her she gets pissed than i tickle her and yea just a bunch of craziness plus i had no cappuccinos today no sugar and im still hyper!!! alright well laterz dodo ru ru do do do to do do Girls do loot do do ru to do do all i really want is Girls lol i love that song! k well bye love everyone X_xMargaret *roar* im telling u im hyper lol

alright well ill write anothe post later about what i did yesterday bye everyone love you all

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

jello peoplez im so tired of life now it just throws u upside down inside and out and all over the place at times and i just hate it..........good news is that my friend jesus came back from miami on 4/19 and then on 4/20 i went with my friend tiff and johnathan to go meet him at starbucks and it was awsome i loved it but the problem was that what happened afterwards. but it was kewl we had a lot of fun hanging out together and we went to this theater everyone calls the ghetto plex because theres always bad shit that happens there and plus in the movie theatre the seats arm chairs dont move up and the chairs arent comfortable sometimes the movie screws up and the film burns up so it doesnt play. but yea we went to the little arcade game place and it was fun. we fooled around so much and i chained up jesus a bunch of times with my straps from my pants and we were jokin around like he was my bitch and then he was tiffanys and then i switched and i was there bitch and yea it was fun but then we walked with him half way to his house and then me and tiff walked to her grandmas house and johnathan went home earlier. when tiffs dad came by to give me a ride home he took us to Farmer Boys and then he took me home then i got on the net and i had mail from jesus and at first i was happy but then when i read it i started crying cuz now hes leaving again im not sure when though. so yea this really sucks he comes back and now he might leave again.
Plus theres this new guy i met at school and he, i think likes me and i dont like him much. im only friends with him though but any wayz cuz of the testing we've been getting out of school early so its cool. We (me and my friends) go to the park and just hang out and so its really kewl. yesterday i went to the mall and i saw The ring 2 for the second time with Tiffany, her boyfriend Junior, Dyana, and juniors friend. then later we went to gameworks and hot topic and spencers it was kewl.
The thing that sucked was that after the movies i had to go to church from like 7pm till like 2am and i didnt go to sleep until 3am and then i woke up today at like umm......let me think umm im guessing around 930 or so and yea thats wat happened lately.

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