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About me:
Name: Stephani
Age: 15 going on 16 :)
Status: Single
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, singing, lauging, watching movies, talking, helping friends, playing video games, listening to music, etc...
Talents: making people laugh, blogging on facebook, cooking, writing, drawing, painting, singing, reading, talking, being lazy, video games, playing the violin, etc...
Facts about me: My parents are divorced, I am a shy person, I hate the person my mom married, my iPod has 400+ songs just from cds, my favorite series of books is the Twilight series (and the Warprize series, the Drake Sister series, and the Witch series!) I have a total number of 14 close friends, to me the number {13} is unlucky because I had someone die on my 13th birthday, and one of my sister's friends framed us for holding a porn tape during the age of 13(>:o), the number 7 is lucky to me because something good happens on the 7th of every month, and thats about it...
Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Negima, Kiddy Grade, Spiral, Chrono Crusade, DN Angel, Kaleidostar, Azumanga Daioh

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Monday, July 12, 2010

   Again...wow. lol
Jeez, i gotta stop takin these long breaks. xD Hey everyone. lol whats goin on? Havent been on here in soooooooo long :( I miss it, but Ive been busy with Facebook and MyYearbook... lol :)

Some updates...:

I am IN LOVE <3 and I am gettin sh*t like the Twilight triangle :( I just happen to love another guy too. :/

Its finally almost time for the braces to come off! :D Just a few more months!

I got a phone. Lol :) and last month I sent over 10,000 texts. x))

Find me on facebook? [Stephani Blair]

Find me on MyYearbook? [Stephani Blair]

:) Not much else new about me. Lol I still have no job, no car, and I still have my permit. xD I'm 16 now and i'm gonna try and get my license by august 17th. (3

Talk to u guys later? Hopefully? :)

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

   Pah...... :)
Answer to corn's comment last time...: The elementary was going to Branson to see Peter Pan broadway... and they made the bus routes earlier. x0

<3 Gpa gave me early xmas money... :D It's all gone now. Haha--hellloooooo mall!!! XDD

Risa Black Wolf's boyfriend is making me wear the bday crown.... XP My bday's not for another 19 days..... lmao

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