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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its hard to believe its been almost a whole fuckin year! I dont even know why i keep coming back here from time to time. Just brings back old memories i guess...*goes off into the past* But anywho..How have you guys(and by you guys i mean anyone willing to read this) been?^^
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Listen to the sound of the crashing waves
Stare upon the beauty of the moon
Feel the sand between your toes
Let the sea consume your body

I want this night to last forever
Just you and me together
Let us forget about our problems
Forget about our sorrow and pain

I want to spend this night with you
Even if it's just for a while
Losing ourselves in each others eyes
Taking each others breath with every kiss

Pressing your lips against my own
Hold you gently in my arms
I feel your heart beating faster and faster
As our souls become one

Time stands still just for us
Making this night last forever
Passion takes over our bodies for tonight
We get carried away before the night ends

I wake up with you beside me
I wonder if it was a dream
I kiss upon your lips once more
Before the sun takes this night away

This Poem Is For You My Love!^^

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Day.....
so let me tell u guys about my day. i was with my friends when out of nowhere one of my friends pour a bag of crumbled chips on my head. i was like wtf...O.O then my friend sam is next to me with a mouthful of juice trying not to laugh. he laughs and Bam! Juices all over my face! so im like WTF! O.O. i also had a mouthful of juice at the time so i was trying to not to get pissed or laugh and bam! juice all over my friend chris's face who was right in front of me! lol after that the kid that put the chips on me left to get napkins. i dryed my self off with his jacket. then spit a loogy in his hoodie for pouring chips on me. The End!^^
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Monday, April 14, 2008

   The Surface
Hello All You Beautiful People! im back...kinda and i was really wanting to put up a poem. i hope u guys like it and thanks Steph for helping me finish it! I Love You Baby! ^_^

The Surface

Im lying at the bottom
of the deepest darkest sea
Staring upon the surface
where i would love to be

The smiling faces
The light up above
The joyful people
expressing their love

I wish i could leave
this dark forgotten place
The pressure is crushing me
like a tight small space

I want to be noticed
I want them to see me
I want to be rescued
So i can be set free

My dream would come true
My heart would have hope
My wish would be to never look back
but with this life I'll forever have to cope

Cause deep down i know
This Place is my home
Im trapped in this sea
Forever lost and alone

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

ive been gone for waaaaay too long. i've been soo busy with school and watnot. ive missed u all soo much! Especially You Emma! Sorry Guys!
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