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Hiya Everyone. And welcome to my Otaku space. My site is dedicated to Gravitation^^
I'm your normal average 15 year old bi-sexual. Please Sign my GB or add a comment, I'll reply straight back to you ^^
And If you don't like Yaoi, Yuri or Hentai. I think your in the wrong place.lol.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

   Hey Everyone
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Hello Everyone, I hope you are all okay.

I know this may be a bit demanding (and I'm sorry about that) but I was wondering if anyone could pm me, but thats if you want to.

I'm in a really crushed mood, like Yuki had just said to Shuichi 'I never want to see you again'.

But the stupid thing is that I have no reason...

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   Good Afternoon!
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Hi Everyone, how are you all doing??

I'm so happy today mostly because I got to speak to yggdrasill and I found loads of Gravitation Images!

My week at school was nothing special...just crap amd nothing interesting happened!!
But Halloween is coming up soon so yay!!!!!!!!!!!

(I leave this picture to dedicate my love to yaz, you can visit her otaku by searching Yggdrasill)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   Thank you Sweetie!!!
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I wanna say thanks to my sweet-heart Yggdrasill!!!!!
She put this great AMV on my site and it's absoloutely awesome.

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Oh and I really want to say sorry to you Yggdrasill because I have indeed so have been trying to avoid you but only because of a misunderstanding. I love you and please don't you ever forget that *hugs and kisses*

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