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My name's Lacey.
I'm no good at drawing really, very rarely am I. But i LOVE to paint and do art that doesnt consist of paper and a pencil.
I like to make friends on here, I love to enter contests and get/gice pics.
My profile is under construction :,(
So i'll write more alittle later.

Friday, January 18, 2008

   So long.
Its been almost too long since i posted. Yet ive been visiting everyone and watching everday.

Well elts see...shortly after my last post i decided to stay single. And i did...for awhile. carl and i were together for xmas, but quickly seperated. Ive been single this whole time and I'm realizing i kinda like it.

Plus my ;ove of girls is getting bigger. ^.^;

My best friend Kira deleted her post about a month ago too...I was traumatized cuz now we barely talk and she seems lil more snobby. I guess. I dont know. I lvoe her though.

Ive been working on my art.

I miss everyone on here.

So bad.

how are you guys?

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