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Monday, December 3, 2007

Deathnote Barbie Girl Flash *Must Watch!!*

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sry for not getting on in a long time guys. ^_^ But I will make it up to you with a contest. XD Wooo. Anywho...I will have a first-third choice of my favorite drawings sent in. I would like Blackheart (ghost rider) or anyone from the Daredevil comics....make that Bullseye or Daredevil. And if you can't draw them I'll let you run in the contest also posted here of the best Anime. Doesn't matter who it is but best of three. ^_^ and if you've won and you want a requested drawing I'll draw for you. ^_^ Hope you participate and I'll come up with the due date some time. I'll post it sometime but,yeah. ^_^ good luck!!

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Monty Python: Matress Skit

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ministry of Silly Walks

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Friday, August 24, 2007

   Memegen Test

What does the Naruto characters think of you? (detailed results, girls only) by Norwegian_Dragon
Your real name
The name you want in the Naruto world
Eye colourLight green
Hair colourBlue
Hair styleShort and sleek, like a pixie crop. It's usually a bit flat if you don't put up any wax.
What's your specialityNinjutsu and taijutsu.
PersonalityYou're a bit antisocial, somewhat tomboyish, a little smarter than average and loves to read.
NarutoShe's a a good friend. She treated me for ramen once after she healed some of my cuts, she's like an older sister.
SakuraOooh, I hope she doesn't like Sasuke! She's so pretty, she's stronger than me and is really nice too!
SasukeShe's OK. At least she's not as loud as Naruto or annoying like Sakura.
ChoujiShe's kind, and tells Ino to stop teasing about my weight.
InoI like her! She's a good friend, and she's a good kuinochi and strategic as well.
ShikamaruShe's cool. She's a good strategist, and likes to watch the clouds. I should wish that I wasn't such a coward....(you know what this means girl, right ~_^)
KibaI like her! She's tougher than the other girls!
HinataI think she's great. She tells others to back off if they picks on me and is a great kuinochi too.
ShinoShe likes my bugs and is really strong....should wish I could ask her out some time
NejiI think she's a good teammate. She's serious, and is willing to work hard and isn't very annoying.
TentenI think she's really nice to be with, and she's a good shinobi as well.
Rock LeeShe doens't like Gai-sensei!! How can she do that when she's better than Sakura-chan!!
KakashiDamn, I should wish she was a bit older so I could...get to know her better (we know what you're thinking now Kakashi!!).
Maito GaiShe's an AWESOME ninja! *nice guy pose*
KurenaiShe's quite a ninja, and treats everyone as her equal.
AsumaShe's a really good ninja and is polite to her teachers and teammates. I like her.
JirayaShe's a great shinobi....maybe I should write about her in my new edition of 'Icha Icha Paradise'.
OrochimaruShe's really strong....too bad she's on the 'good peoples' side.
TsunadeI think she's an awesome ninja, and is being really nice, from Shinos bugs to Naruto.
KabutoShe was one of the few that found out my true identity during the Chuunin exams....and she kicked my ass during the pre-lims....auch.

This is exactly like me except the hair style, it's so close though. Mine's more of a shagged mop hair-do.
Everything is right, right down to the eye color!

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