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Saturday, February 18, 2012

life without parole

ironic...the title..but true, life for better or worse is not as easy...and your in it for life..it could be your paradise or your prison..but only you decide that...when in poverty you always have a bigger hill to climb...but when you climb that wall you've achieved paradise..

I know that probably sounds weird...but it's true, so you have to always fight..always achieve and always push and move forward. that's all for today! give your comments here. : )

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Life in a nutshell

Weird right? we sometimes compare our lives to food, and animals! I wonder what Freud would think of that! But then again we always seem to wonder what someone from the past would think if they lived in this day and age? of course it would be different, but tell me someone you think you would be interested in seeing from the past in this day and age and how you believe they might act!

: ) note to myo'ers life is good, find love, find music, just recently signed up for grooveshark to listen to all my fave music! :D

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Thursday, January 5, 2012


today was starting out good, then weirdly sad things would pop up during my day as it was drawn to my attention. I'm on deviantart, i love it, and publish stuff all the time. on deviantart, there was a woman who published nude pictures of herself...and it's not just artistic or art, she was telling a message/story about her being raped. I felt uneased for an hour as i stared at her profile and her pictures...couldnt think of anything to say, luckily just said something though.I mean she isn't the only person in the world (not to seem insensitive) but it really hit me hard, because the message she was conveying with her nude body with written messages where seriously deep and terrible to think about. What i mean is you can always see alot of faces, but she put a real deep story to her face...thats all ill mention in this post,thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today is an american tradition....to put on a helmet and uses it as a battering ram as he climbs over the bodies of his fellow team mates just to reach the end zone and win the game! HOORAW! also wanted to mention the SOPA act which if it goes through will ruin america's rights over the internet, for more info and a chance to stop it please read.


the government plans to and wants to take away our internet rights of free speech,and will take drastic measures just to stop piracy, and only piracy. why not spend money stopping more terrible things on the internet like child pornography sites? instead corporations lobby billions of dollars just so they can continue to make billions more.essentially turning america into china!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hippidy Hooray!

Happy New years eve! Happy Early New Years Eve! and hope to see everyone building up their spirits! if not ill be very upset!

I read on the news about the new up comming laws for 2012, greatly enough none of those are for florida, thank god.... and read this.

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