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Monday, April 3, 2006

Well Hello

Hello there, dont know how many of you still have me on your friends list but ill post anyway.

I started college about the time when i stopped coming on the site, im doing programing, yay . . . . . i think.

Ive also started playing warhammer to. Im the evil metal skeletons who as necrons ^_^ im not to bad as well seeing as im only a begginer.

and ive started watching two new animes one piece and naruto ^_^ they soooooooo rock one piece is just wicked and i cant even start on naruto. It was so sad when the hokage died T_T and rock lees so sad at the moment to what with his walking stick and everything (rock lee's my fav) and yes i know he gets better, my friend spoiled it for me -_-

a well i guess i should come here more often again, but you know the first thing im going to do, delete last christmas as my background music ^_^

love ya

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Friday, October 21, 2005


Ok i feel like i can tell you guys and girls anything and seeing as i removed my link from my fiends ( that i see in person ) i feel i can tell you all in safty of the people never finding out.

So yea anyway getting on with it , im upset again , dont know how many of you remember that girl i liked awhile ago, well truth be told i still do. Ever time i think about her i hate myself that little bit more for knowing what happened in the past , the thing is shes really happy and has a bf and you know you dont really want to be the one to do anything or so on but i just . . . . . . i dont know i just wish that i wasnt so fucking stupid (sorry about the swearing ) , i dont know , i guess i have to just deal with it but its been like 4 or 5 months now since they've been going out and she majorly lied to me but i still care for her and i just dont know what to do. At the moment both her and her bf want me to be her friend and i do to but well you know , its to confuseing to write really.

If any of you have any addvice or words of wisdom or anything , hmmmm damn music is depressing.

I dont really know what to say i guess i just needed to get it off my chest to all of you before i ended up being foolish and telling her. Dude life kinda sucks.

BTW im condsidering delteing this post so comment now if you want to

love ya

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Super Depressed

Hi everyone , kinda depressed tonight, well not kinda im really depressed tonight, ive been looking at pix of the girl i liked , she looks really happy.

But i also got a message from a "friend " today which has also made me upset cuz i miss chatting to her and its not who most of you probley thinking about but she knows who she is.

Well i guess listening to depressing songs never helped people get over depression ^_^

EDIT : just thinking about the last time i her saw her to, so now im upgradeing my subject from depressed to super depressed.

love ya

P.S. For those who wanted to see my last post has what ive been doing for the last month.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hey everyone, im so sorry i havent been updating and i havent been checking out yours sites , ive just started college so my sleep pattarn is abit weird at the mo.

Good news is ive had abit of money laterly so i went on a buying freenzy on ebay ^_^ so i though id post pix of everything i got so here they are :

and yes i did get the DMG in that box of packs ^_^ man that made me so happy ^_^, well lets see what else to talk about , ummmm not much really , my ex aria will be moving back to bristol soon but her bf wants to kill me still so i wont get to see her which is a shame cuz i really miss her alot and i think of her everytime a see a full moon, but thats cuz of a time me aria and dakota were walking to aria and we saw the full moon and it was so lush adn now im going on and on ^_^

so i will try to get to all your site
love ya

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well hello everyone out there in the interweb land

i though id give you all a update on my life so yea thats it ^_^
well lets see , kinda depressed that shonen jump superstars will probley be a japan only game T_T but the x-box 360 will be out soon ( im not really a x-box person but its the first of the new consoles )

i started to watch a new show last night , it was called trigun , ok so its not that new but its the first time ive seen it and i though it was pretty funny ^_^ so i have another 4 episodes downloaded on my pc to watch at a later date ^_^

also a friend of mine is thinking about collecting YGO cards so ill have someone to play ^_^ and i only have 8 more dual points left on YGO online so i need some more dual passes ( for anyone who doesnt have the game this will go right over your heads )

well thats about it apart from my friend wants me to become a expert at age of emprises 3 when it comes out so we can play in the world tourny but ill probley suck at it

well that really is it , ill try to find some cool pix to post soon
love ya

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