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Saturday, July 8, 2006

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About GOAG

Hello and Welcome to the home of the MyOtaku club, GOAG. GOAG stands for [ Girls/Guys Obsessed {over} Anime Guys/Girls ]. It's basically a club where you can dedicate your love to a character from an anime or video game OR a couple pairing. [ i.e.: yaoi, yuri, boyxgirl pair ]

Rules of the Club

GOAG would really appreciate if you do follow these rules.

[*] Always respect GOAG founder, staff, and current members

[*] This site is Yaoi and Yuri friendly

[*] Use the guestbook to join the club only

[*] Fill out the following form for a proper guestbook signing:
  • What name do you go by the most?
  • Do you want a Banner[400 by 150] or block[320 by 240]?
  • What character/pairing do you want to claim?
  • What anime/game are they from?
  • Will you constantly advertise and comment us in turn for a link here and a returned visit?

Latest Update

| 5:35pm Saturday July 8th |
Current Updater: Jessica
Newest Member: Dany ; Shadow

Hey there. This is the founder, Jessica. Welcome and thank you for visiting this page! ^_^ We are currently working on more affilates and members to add to the list.

We are also working on the quirks and problems within the club rules or layout. Please give your opinion and feedback on the layout and the current timeliness of the founder and staff.

_Jess ♥

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