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Saturday, August 4, 2007

poetry corner 6 good dream
good dream like sweet cake,

or maybe like a sweet reality.

good dream like being held by some one you care for.

a good dream too last only as long as you lie sleeping.

unconsiouse smiles dance on your tear stained face.

unforgetable lips touch yours and long slender arms pull you into him.

arm rapped arond neck leg rapped around waist words ofr sorrow and pitty dance from his mouth to your ear.

a secrate only you know.

absolute trust , or is it love???

unforgettable embracess,


memorable kiss dance across your unconciouse mind.

the sun comes threw your widow too early.

and your eyes open too quickly.

and all in a swift momment all you liked is gone all your wanted disapered.

and you cry a secrate tear, for all you never had,

that you lost too soon.

-by me!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

the little girl with her heart and soul locked in a toy box decidede to throw a magnifacent party.actualy some thing much much better a ball.
she invited every one she liked befor she riped out her heart and soul.
she wanted the full ball experience so she cleaned and went shopping and bought food and drinks.
the day of the party arrived and a lot of people came.
but she spent most of the time with a verry special prince.
she liked the prince verry alot.
and for no reason at all,
started to cry.
she clung to him and they went off down the hall and into the library.
their they talked and the little girls mind was filled with words.
but she could say nothing to the prince.
no matter how hard she tied no words would leave her mouth.
so she asked the prince to tell her things.
he could not let the words empty from his brain ither.
so she asked him questions,
not easy ones either the ones no one wanted to talk about but every one wanted to know.
and he answered.
and the little girl could no longer hold her self back the prince leand close to her,
and the shared a kiss.
but it hurt the little girl afterward,
for she knew soon he would leave..
and go back to the ugly evil farie of the black lake.
the ugly farie of the black lake loved the little girls prince verry much,
but so did the little girls close friend.
the little girl was even sader now.
so when her prince left she ripped open her chest and tor out her heart and threw it had into the toy chest and loked it tight then hide the key in her secrate spot,.
and again she waits with her silly little toy chest.
for a prince she could call her oun.
for a prince she could call hers.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

my theme song!!!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

this is my favorite favorite FAVORITE video hope you like it!!!

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im an amv junky get over it!!! friba forever!!!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

srry i love amv's!!!!!

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