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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/20/06:

You are a very genki and energetic person with a lot of talent. You would pursue your dream tirelessly no matter how hard it may seem. You have a mysterious way of getting people to like you, regardless of their personality. Your emotions can run wild sometimes but you bring happiness and laughter around everyone.

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
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Result Posted on 03/16/06:

You are special because you are 100% individual.
You don't do things just because everyone
else does them. You might to do them, but
that's only when you want to. You are alot
like creativity(another result), but you do
everything you can to make sure you do things
no one else has. Seeing someone else act like
you, whether it's natural or not bugs you
alot. You rarely give in and and would do
almost anything as long as it hadn't been
done before. You don't change yourself for
others and will usually give your true
opinion about anyone or anything even if it
is a little rude and that's your flaw. But
aside from that you are a true friend and
will usually help those who need it. One of
your favorite sayings is probably, "When life gives you lemons, make grape juice
and let everyone wonder how you did it." Please rate and/or message, I worked hard on this

You're special...but why?(Guys and Girls)Anime pics
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Result Posted on 03/15/06:
*sniff* such a pretty pic

Beautiful Story Like Sleeping Beauty. You encounter problems that seem endless but love
draws you on to find your loved one and make
them as happy as anyone possibly can! Your
love can be passionate and gentle. Love from
start to end and beauty in between! Colour of your Love: Emerald green-enchanting,
mesmerising,what everyone wants and what
anyone admires. The beauty and determination of your love story is
admired by the world.

What's Your Love Story? (Girls and Guys!)
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Result Posted on 03/15/06:

Your anime hair colour is... RED!!! You are hyper
and energetic. You're always up for something
new, and are adventurous. Congratulations!

What's your true anime hair colour?
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Result Posted on 03/15/06:

me as a catgirl
Your me as a catgirl. A bit strange, a little on the crazy side. You love
mangos and all types of anime. So maybe yoru
a little on the...weird side. You dont give a
DAMN what those other losers think. Congrats,
keep being yourself.

What Anime Cat-girl are you?
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Result Posted on 03/13/06:

You are a ray of sunshine; a glorious combination of hilarious humour and heartfelt tenderness. Although your lighthearted comments may be misunderstood, you are still a favourite amongst your friends. What Kind Of Anime/Manga Are You?

Result Posted on 03/12/06:

You're a Sunflower! Flower of Joy. Funny and playful. You are a true friend and you love to have fun! Sometimes a bit naive but that's ok!

What flower are you?
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Result Posted on 03/12/06:

Your Love Style Is...
You seem to have it all worked out. You are emotional strong, warm and know how to love. More importantly you think with both your head and your heart allowing you to handle all romantic situations calmly. How did you get this smart!!

What is your Love Style? Find out at DatingTips.ws

Result Posted on 03/12/06:

Result Posted on 03/12/06:

People see you as a freindly and popular
induvidual. You tend to look on the bright
side of things and have many friends. Your
leadership skills and popularity are
attractive to others. Some may be a little
intimidated by you at first, but in the end
your carefree attitude usually wins them
over. Just make sure you don't put your
friends in front of yourself.

What do people see in you?
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