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Names'Sally, I'm a chick.

I live with my family.
There's 4 of us in all.

I currently Babysit. I don't drink(much) or smoke(ever) and I have no intrest in doing drugs(ever). I do my best not to judge others. I''m somewhat shy(working on that) and stubborn. I've been told I'm a smartass(which is true). I have an addiction to knowledge and often take things to seriously(again, working on it).

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I liiiiiiiive!.

My parents had to pay other bills before the phonebill, then, we didn't get a dail tone, something broke our phoneline. I think the gods may be telling me something. It'd be nice if I wasn't all wonky in the head, maybe I'd catch on. Mental illness bites, especially when I cry over something as stupid as a phone line.
My fish had babies and my guarden hasn't been eaten by anything(knock on wood) except me and my mom, fortunately my dad and brother are "allergic" to anything remotely healthy or I wouldn't have anything left.
My dad finally quit Autozone and is working at monroe muffler in Jamestown of all places.
My cousin's are all going off to colledge except one, he's a missionary.
I'm still babysitting and in al seriousness, I'm thinking of getting te three year old a helmet and wrapping him in bubble wrap.


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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

long time no write.
I'm babysitting still.
I've been watching niw anime. Sofar I've seen Hellsing and Blacklagoon,the first two episodes.
Alucard is an ass, in a cool sort of way and some people should NOT be aloud near ANY firearms.
I've also watched Deathnote for the first time too. L is awesome. He has a grate sense of humor and reminds me of a gargoyle.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry whatever
My dog Tiny died Last night. I still have to bury her when the sun comes up.
I think I'm jinxed, everything I touch(except my plants) die.
Of course Tiny was old, but she may have lived longer if I could've afforded her surgery.
The wierdest part though is that I knew she was going to die.
I felt it.
So I stayed by her side, just like when my other dog, Ramona, died.
It's like something that calls me.
Other then that, I still can't find a job. My Aunt and grandma have been having health problems.
On a more positive note.
I'm still breathing.

Happy Holidays.

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