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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Story, continued again...
I apologize for not posting....although, i'm beginning to think that not many people look forward to reading this anyway...oooooooooh welllll...

Stefan felt numb all over. What was happening? He couldn't tell if he was still or in motion. He opened his eyes to find that his vision was in a similar non-functioning condition. No matter what he thought he saw, his eyes played trick after trick on his mind. He made up his mind that he would close his eyes until he could make something of his situation...
Then, all at once his awareness came back to him as if the air around him pressed on every inch of his body. His eyes shot open to see that he was in a dark room, with a light shining straight down on him. The light made a shield which prevented him from seeing anything of his surroundings.
A voice rang out through the unknown,"I see you're finally awake." The person who he thought the voice belonged to, and did belong to, stepped into the beam of light out of the shadows. It was Croatia.
"I'm certain you have many questions that I'll answer in due time" he said. Stefan stood in a daze until he could muster up the energy to ask something, when he was interrupted,"Don't bother asking anything at the moment, I'll tell you everything you need to know." Stefan hadn't noticed right away, but Croatia was already wearing his usual casual clothes, much different from his own choice in clothing. This time it seemed to look even more foreign, other-worldly even.
Croatia spoke again,"Our job right now is to find and rescue Kisa."
"Kisa?!"Stefan finally spoke up,"What's happened?!"
"Nothing, as far as I can sense. But we mustn't waste any time" he answered.
"But what am I supposed to do? I don't even know what kind of danger she's in!"
"You'll be prepared when the time comes"
Amazingly enough, this didn't make Stefan feel any better about the issue. As soon as Stefan stopped making objections and began thinking quietly to himself, Croatia disappeared into the dark. He returned, seemingly with nothing, but drew his hand out. As he opened it, small shining snowflakes of light spun around the two. At first there were only a few, but soon grew to more when finally they were surrounded by them, like a shield. He saw the moment when they burst into a million dew droplets, then everything dimmed...

I'm working on drawing these characters so you all can get a good vision of them in your head...if you want to. I'm just not very good at describing the looks of a character, I'm much better at showing you!...sooo, yup....

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Friday, February 8, 2008

My Story...Continued
If I can manage, I will try to add more characters to broaden the scope of the plot. Right now, I'm pretty much making it up as I go. So that's all I gots to say about that...

Kisa sat impatiently after class, twirling her lavender hair. She would've preferred to get this ordeal overwith as soon as possible, however, Ms. Bideau was taking longer than expected to return. It was already past four o'clock and her mother would be worried.
This whole thing wasn't even her fault. It was all because of that weird exchange student, he started it. She merely set him straight with the help of her text book.
Now, at a quarter after, it already started getting dark, but Kisa didn't notice. She was quite a day-dreamer. Then something else happened that did catch her attention. The wall she was staring at began to go in and out of focus, and then faded away entirely. Had she decided to turn her head, she might also have noticed that the other walls around her had faded away.
Now she was suspended in an odd black-holish abyss. A strange figure appeared before her, seemingly cloaked by something, not entirely sure though. Its hood disappeared, revealing its face to her. A thin, pale face with feathery blue hair. Its eyes seemed to be the ones responsible for her floating because that was what her attention was fixed on. Those grey silverish eyes which hid an eternity of mysteries and secrets. From what she could tell, his features were small like a woman's but still masculine in their form.
"Kisa, Come with me" as a mass of feathers wrapped around her...

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Well, I've noticed that alot of people on here like to tell their life story(nothing wrong with that at all, by the way),but because I decide not to, I seem to be a wall flower of sorts. So I'm going to tell you all a story. Let's call it "My Story". Like the title? I knew you would.
Well, Gehen wir los!...

One annoyingly bright and sunny day, a young man named Stefan walked with a spritely spring in his step, down the tree-lined pathway. Life seemed to be at its best, the gorgeous assortment of flora, blooming and swaying in the warm, milky breeze; small creatures of every kind gathered to greet him. He was on his way to meet his friend Croatia just outside of the park.
Stefan had not known Croatia long
to realize he was of a different sort. He couldn't name for certain what was odd about him though. Perhaps it was the way he set himself on a chair, almost mechanically. Or maybe how went about eating his food, on the rare occasions that Croatia ate at all. But it was not in Stefan's nature to judge someone on ungrounded suspicions. Croatia did say, after all, that he came from a foreign country. Stefan was the last person to know of the maneurisms of a foreigner.
He continued to walk along, hurriedly now that it was getting a little late. He had told Croatia he'd be there by four o'clock, but it was already about a quarter past, according to his watch. It seemed the quicker he walked the slower the going was, as if he was jogging on a mucky, muddy treadmill. His legs grew heavier like he was wading in a pool. The sun seemed to be setting already. Is it still only four? It seemed an eternity since he last looked at his watch.
Finally, his eyes had told him that he had reached the park, when an impossible darkness fell on him...

To Be Continued!!!
Please give feedback!!

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