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Hello fellow anime and game peoples!I am a new user and I would like it if you would sign my GB or just add me as a friend!
Hope you like my site!

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P.S.Thank you sister for helpimg me with my site!(SweetTart25783)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

hi every anime fan
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   have you gus gat the Lunchables
man the lunchables I had today was Deep dish pizza pepperoni flavored sausage it was so nasty I though I was going to have to live on the pot beause of the pepperoni was bad!!!!!
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Monday, January 21, 2008

HI Please leave comments
People please leave comments !!!!!For my stories !!!!!
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   Out for the H-Days
Man almost out of school, I can almost tast freedom!!!!!! oh sorry I was eating a muffin!!!
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Friday, November 30, 2007

   HI Please leave comments
Please people leave comments on my stories please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Legend of Ice and Fayt Part 1: The Beginning
Long time ago a boy was found in the Land of Thunder his name was Ice. He was found covered in light and a katana sword was found by Ice that sword was no ordinary sword it had a link with Ice and the swords name was Fayt they were one and also he had a Demon in him a The Demon of The Ice Dragon.
Some of Ice and Fayts justu were The Sound of Wind,Dragon Roar,Hand of Doom, and Vampire Flash, also known all substitution justu,and shadow of Hallow Weather!!!!!
Ice had Marking of the Dragon only when saw blood or if the life of a friend was in danger!!!!!
He had the making of being a great Legendary Swordsmen only the path he fallowed was of sad stories so if you like story with none stop actioned packed adventure and impossible come backs from near death action this story is for you!!!!!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

   A Staring of Great Eviel Part 4 but a Rise of a Pure Heat

So what might i Call you robot?
"my name is Zero." where did you come from ?
"I do not known all I known is that it was dark for a long time and then I saw a light glow"
"Then I fallowed it here"So your not one of those things?" Sorry I just can't lower my defence for a second known of days"
"Thats is alright" I understand completely because my plant was destoyed by these damn things they killed every one I loved!!!!!
"So how did this happen to your plant?"To be continued......

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   Ninja profile
Ninja profile
Nickname:Demon Dragon
Rank: Legendary Swordsmen
Village:Land of Thunder
Story:Since my sword and I were found by the land of Thunder no one knowns anything about me.
Height:6;5"6 inches
Weight:151 Ibs.
Hair: Brown
Have a Demon in me and also my sword has a link to me and my Demon . its name is Fayt

S: 50
A: 100
B: 98
C: 90
D: 125
Jutsu: The sound of wind,Dragon Roar,Hand of Doom, and Vampire Flash, also known all substution justu,and shadow of Hallow Weather
Markings: The sword and I are one and I have the mark of Dragon
Fav.Weapon: Fayt(also he is a katana)and paper Bombs.
TEAM: Naruto Uzumaki,Jiraiya, and Rock Lee
Signature:"Me and Fayt will die before you even touch my Friends"
Favorite Anime:I like Naruto, FMA, Trinty Blood, Bleach, Eureka 7,
My Quotes "I follow my path of the sword to one day become samurai Legend of The Land of Thunder!!!!"

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