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I've seen Dir en grey, and D'espairsRay live. I've met Kaoru, Die, Seek, and Yura Sama. And I am soon to see Duel Jewel. I'm a Shinya cosplayer. ([KR] Cube Shinya cosplay.)
My name on the Family values tour is ShinyaXDie
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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   My dinner review with Hayato and Val from Duel Jewel at Megacon!
I was one of the few that made it to the dinner with Hayato and Val on Saturday February, 17th. (One girl didn’t make it, so it was only three of us) It took my dad like an hour and a half to find the Fridays we were suppose to go to. I had to call John a couple times to actually get there too xD (Harry’s brother)

When I finally got there my friend Sabrina went to chat with our friends that were there too. I followed one of the staff members over to the table, and saw two other girls sitting there already. I took my seat next to the translator on the end, and conversed with the two other girls. (Which I found out they were Adi, 33 (I think) And I don’t recall the other girls name.. but she was 21.)

Then we Val and Hayato came and sat in front of us looking at the menu. (Val sat in front of me and Hayato next to the window) They were both smiling, and Hayato asked what we recommended. I blurted out “Salad” (which was what I got) and they repeated Salad after me and started laughing. I leaned over and pointed on Hayatos menu what I got and he ended up ordering almost the same thing I did. But he also got a side order of fries.. Which took the waitress a while to get what he wanted. xD Val got something with shimrp.. I really don’t remember.

While we were waiting we started talking about movies. American movies, Japanese movies, ect.. Then this really annoying waiter came and gave us our food and practically yells out. “Omg! Did you guys come from Megacon?? Where can I buy Dur Ein Gray Cd’s? Because I liked their songs on Death Gaze!!” I’m like o.o. And we told him the two guys in front of us were Hayato and Val from Duel Jewel, and he was just clueless. I got really tired of him and said “Just go to FYE” And he left. (Thankfully) He was really rude T_T.

I sorta nibbled on my salad I really didn’t eat to much but I did anyway just to be polite. We talked about anime.. oh boy xDD We asked their favorite anime and Hayato said Gundam Seed, and Deathnote. Val said some anime in Japanese but couldn’t recall the name in English. Then they asked us what our favorite anime was and the girl in the middle of me and Adi was like “Yaoi!”

Ok..I admit I wasn’t going to even mention that word..at all. xD But they were sort of clueless, and said they’ve never watched Yaoi or Yuri before (Liars xD j/k) And they asked where they could get some….I told them Anime Conventions, and they started to laugh. So they said they would try to get around the convention the next day since they never really got the chance to, since all the conventions they’ve been to was to do lives so they didn’t have much free time at all.

Then while we were asking questions and what not..Hayato kept picking some of the shrimp off Val’s plate and eating it xD When he already had so much food in front of him. It was really amusing. Then their manager didn’t want her food I guess (She got shrimp too xD) and pasted it over to Hayato. Who ate some of it as well.

Later on I brought up the subject about Hard Gay xDD they said they’ve seen what he does, and kept trying to tell us he wasn’t gay. xD We all knew that of course, and plus he’s married. Lol. Then I asked if they had taken any martial arts (and I also told them I was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and they started congratulating me ^_^) Val said he didn’t but he took boxing, and Hayato said he took Kendo I think, in Middle School, and then a more traditional martial art when he entered High School.

One of the staff members from the other table came over and sat a plate down with fudge (I think) and ice cream on top of the table.. Hayato and Val were reluctant to eat it but after a while they tried it..and it was hilarious xDD Hayato suddenly bursts out “Sweet!!” In English, and Val goes “Super Sweet!”

Finally John came over and took our cameras to take pictures of all of us at the table. Then we went over to the wall and took pictures with Hayato and Val separately. That night was so fun and lively I’ll never forget it. ^_^

Edit** Here are some pictures from the dinner and the convention!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Updated revised 2/2/07 Dir en grey concert review xD
*Sighs* Yeah it took me a while to write this, but meh I've been lazy, and disoriented ever since the concert xD I don't know what the world it did to me, but I've felt different ever since then.

I got to the concert venue around 3:10. And ended up forgetting my ticket in the car, lol yeah I know, pathetic, but I was just so excited. Luckily I remembered to go back and get it before we left the parking lot. xD So, I walk over to the line and see some people I had met at FVT in Tampa last year.They were really nice xD (One girl was short, and had a Kyo shirt on that said "Who's yo daddy" xD that made me laugh so badly.)

Then a little while later a security guy came around looking for the red tickets to get in early so me and my friend Maddie (Miyavi cosplayer wearing the pink Great hat) go into the HOB restaurant and by food (that I never ended up getting) and got the red ticket. Then the drummer from Bleed the Dream came out into the line and was handing out guitar picks, and I talked with him for a few minutes and gave him a hug. We met up with some more friends that were from the Tampa area, and I saw Mike again (At FVT in Tampa he was wearing this shirt that said "I want Toshiya's ass" xD), and my friend Rose. (*huggles her*)

I was probably video taped like 5 times in line, and one time the Japanese guy with the camera got my dad in it too xDD At one point I showed my friends my D'espairsRay underwear while the same Japanese guy as before was taping beside me xDD

But anyway 6:30 we were let in. (Ugh >< it was hard to get in so many people pushing each other, and no room to breathe ><) But me and Maddie went to the Merch booth and bought a dog tag, wrist band, and the tour shirt. I ended up having to put the shirt I bought over my other diru t-shirt. (Hot xD)

First we were about 4 rows of people back on Die's side, it was pretty comfortable to breathe then. Bleed the Dream came on and I really liked them, they got the crowed going I caught the Bassist pick between my wrists and put it in my pocket but ended up losing it when the concert was over. T_T Fair to Midland came on... They just killed the crowed.. I personally didn't like them too much. The vo. had some good vocals at times.. but he wouldn't stop drooling everywhere >< and the guy on the keyboards looked like IT.

Ok I admit I thought the crowed was bad during the opening bands.. heh wrong, That was just the beginning. When diru was setting up people started going crazy >< All my friends ended up leaving me in the pit to go up to the balcony because of what the other people were doing. I was getting knocked around so much I ended up getting moved from my spot and thrown to my left and shoved to the front. I was then 2-3 rows of people back, now in front of Kyo xD

G.D.S came on and omg I was getting so mad at people yelling Kyo, and yelling after Kyo quit yelling Kill, that in one of the breaks of the songs were everyone had shut up I yelled "Shut up! It's not Kyo its Kill!!" I guess I got a few peoples attention but the rest were idiots and continued to say it wrong. But anyway all the members came on stage, (and me I forgot the set list >< But they played stuff from Vulgar, WTD, their new songs and some of their older songs like Mr.Newsman. Kyo ended up ripping his jacket off in the first couple songs I think.. I yelled, screamed along with the lyrics, but I stopped when ever he sang by himself without the instruments, and I felt the crowed trying to contain their urges of screaming out.. but they ended up doing it anyway.

There were mosh pits forming at the back of the crowed which I wasn't really in one. But at one point the left side of the crowed pushed against the right side of the crowed, and me being in the middle gets squeezed between them and then the right side pushes back causing me and 3 other girls to fall over. But there was this really nice guy behind me that I had met in line that helped me up quickly and yelled for people to get the others up too.

Mean while Kyo started cutting himself, fish hooking, and best of all put his 'Rape Me' bucket on his head and grabbed himself xD That was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Then Kyo drank from his water bottle and spit it out over the middle of the crowed.. And I had both of my arms up at the time and I got it all over my arms and some of it got into my mouth xD I remember taking time just standing there to see what it tasted like..Salty.. and something else xDD Later on in the show I got Die, Toshiya, and Kaorus water on me too, which was indeed love too. lol.

During the break I guess the crowed thought the concert was over and everybody started chanting 'One more song!' I tried as best I could to say it but I had to stop because my voice was getting so raspy and I had to catch my breathe since we was so tightly packed together that I could barely breathe. Diru came back on and everyone was happy again. I just wished it would've lasted long..But I don't think my body would've been able to handle it xD

After the concert was over both of my tour shirt were soaked in sweat and my pants were too T_T But I was very proud I made it through, and didn't have to be pulled out. After going to that concert I felt like they were actually doing a show like they would in Japan, unlike FVT which was like a sample of the show we were getting now xD I ended up getting home around 12 o'clock in the morning and falling asleep. xD

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dir en grey concert review 2-02-07
that concert was amazing. I got there around 3:30.. and went the HoB restaurant as well. I was in the pit.. and people were crazy. During the opening bands (I caught Bleed the dreams guitar pick xD I actually liked them But fair to midland was..eh.. they didn't interact with the crowed much, and like everyone was still.) I was on Dies side and then when diru was setting up (took so long for them to set up T_T) I was pulled from my spot and got a really good spot in front of Kyo. And like people were pushing at the sides and moving the crowed every which way, and one time I fell down, and so did a couple other girls too, but I was immediately pulled back up by this really nice guy behind me xD I sung along with Kyo, and that teasing was making me go nuts..lol. But I really did want to see Shinya... But it was really hard to see him. Kyo spit some water out on us.. it went all over my arms, and I caught some in my mouth on accident...So I get to say I know what Kyo tastes like.lol. Kyo also has this new bucket that is all black and in white letters it said Rape Me on it xDD Then later on I got Die, Toshiya, and Kaorus water on me. That concert was truly a lot better than FVT in Tampa xD. I could feel the members had a lot of energy too... My friend that went to Revolution saw this guy carrying in tons of boxes of Red Bull, and he stopped to talk to her and she asked him why he was taking that in, and he's like Dir en grey loves Red Bull.. lol xDD. At the end of our concert I had bought the tour shirt before hand and I had put it on over my other diru shirt... both of my shirts were soaked with seat, and my pants were too T_T It was really hot with all those people around.
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Dir en grey in america for Inward Scream tour 07
Dir en grey is offically going to be in america next year!
that is the offical tour dates.
and there is also a pre-sale for the tickets going on monday nov.13-15 so get the tickets while you can! i know i am ! xD

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Friday, November 3, 2006

Dir en grey New Tour in guess what? AMERICA
1. Dir en grey will play Florida tour dates FIRST but this is not a definite. From what I've been told, FL will have 1-3 tour dates.

2. Dir en grey will be either A.) Headlining B.) Joint headlining (+American band) but I think they're leaning towards joint headlining. Nothing is confirmed.


4. They love the United States and can't wait to come back here to play for us all.
- Information taken from familyvalues.com- posted by tatami.
isegfeokrlgindogfijdg I LIVE SO CLOSE TO ORLANDO!
Diru will be playing at the house of blues in Orlando on the Feb. tour. *dies* i get to see my idol again.. o.o

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