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Watch this, this has got to be the best ukulele player ever. u can go to www.break.com to watch it there too:

hey everyone! this is my its-ok site...I started this site about a year ago and sadly updating it bores me so i dont usually update too much....so please take a look around and for the sake of everything!!! SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!! lol *screams and assumes fetal position*

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hey everyone
hey peoples, this is another useless post by me. it's been a while since I've posted in the otaku but i'm glad i didi it again and not never again lol. well at school weare currently learning photoshop and I've submitted my first background, hopefully it'll get approved that way i know im good enough to make more and put them up ^_^ this wallapaper is a cowboy bebop one and I hope that it gets approved...its only version one though, im hoping to add one morething to it...well ill try to post later...bye bye peoples!!!
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Friday, December 2, 2005

   HEY HEY!!

hey everyone, i just updated my site since I thought it was due time to do it. i've been sorta neglecting the site (just a tincy bit :P). anyways, wazzup peoples? oh me? yah im good, bit bored to be honest. school's been killer (literally) and been a bit stressed out due to a lotta projects. the only thing that keeps me going, being happy and cool and collected is my loving girlfriend :D she is honestly just the gratest thing thats ever happened to me, and were gona see eachother again in a couple of weeks XD !!!! yay! lol. so yah um..post your comments, and be merry n such. n behold my awesome bleach background and avatar...huzzah!
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