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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unico: The rarest anime in da woooooooooooooorld!!! Because it's... old.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

my cute emos!

Naruto Character Thoughts & Your Stats (For girls only..) by UnwantedHope
Anime Name
NarutoShe's pretty awesome and all....but she steals my ramen so I don't like her .
SakuraShe keeps Rock Lee away! She's kick butt awesome!!
SasukeShe's just another annoying fan girl...
KibaShe's a b*t*h!
HinataI w-wish I was l-like her.
ShinoI don't really like her, she's to loud...
ShikamaruShe's alright. Too annoying for me. But she's alright.
ChojiI love her!
InoShe's forehead's friend, not mine, go ask her!
TenTenI don't like her very much.
NejiShe's got it all, looks, strength, skill...she's just perfect.
Rock LeeShe's...wow...
GaaraI may be able to call her.....friend....
KankuroShe makes fun of my make-up! I mean face paint!
TemariShe looks up to me. WHAT A DOLL!
AsumaSmart kid. Bad aditude.
KakashiShe's a great kid.
KurenaiShe's a good girl, but she is rather annoying.
OrochimaruShe'd make a great flunky...
KabutoShe's....cute *lightly blushes*
JaraiyaHer power is remarkable.
TsunadeThat girl's got some punch.
ShizuneI agree with Lady Tsunade
The AkatsukiShe isn't worth our time.
Taijutsu Level
Ninjutsu Level
Genjutsu Level
Power Level

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


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