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yo man this is jigga gaara 2ko i like anime @ naruto

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fuck all u bitches myotaku is for fagets and losers like gaarasgrl198 any 1 who has a myotaku account is a mutha fuckin bitch and fuckd there mother and can nvr get a date even if they are willing to pay a million.all u guys are straight losers and suck dick fuck u all I hope u die!!!!!!!!!!bitches
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

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X What is your naruto life, what do the naruto characters think of you?
What is your naruto life, what do the naruto characters think of you?
WHATS your (shifty eyes) favorite color? ( dunks behind a table to dodge kunai knifes. Purple( me: Kool)
Green ( me: That makes two of us!)
Yellow! So..happy...
Blood red
Colors dont amuse me..(me: sheesh...)

Rp time!

Wile walking down a street, you see Lee being teased by Sakura, what do you do?
X Lee!Are you okay!
X You say as you run towards him and kindly ask Sakura to stop teasing Lee.

X Take tons of pictures of Lee crying and post them all over town.

X Walk past them, feeling extremely guilty.

X Help Sakura out! Lee is a menace!


You are eating at a Ramen shop, when you see Naruto. He is broke, and is sadly looking at you eat you Ramen. What do you do?
X Poor Naruto! You give him 10 bucks and say he can have it...Naruto smiles, thanks you, and gets up to buy some Ramen.

X Punch him! He shouldent expect other people to help him out all the time.

X Look at him...feel sad about him...you realized you didnt even start eating your soup. You sigh and give your soup to naruto, then you leave.

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gaara, people who know what there talkin bout,people who dont try to show off and act like there bad.,i also like gaara lovers and people who just be there selfs and not some they want to be.
posers,haters and people who think there in charge,also people who dislike gaara. i really dont dislike that many things but i try to decrease them yearly.

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   about me...
my name is danny aka "gaara2ko". i like gaara and my fav anime is narito as u can see.what i like to do on my free time is skate hang out with my freinds and play halo. I hate posers wna bees asn especially people who dont know what there talkin about i also hate gaara haters. so thats me thats all there is to no . i would say more but im tired so have fun..love gaara2ko
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1.sign my gb.
2.if u do sign my gb be nice and ill be nice.
3.respect my site and those who are on mt site.
4.have fun

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   neji sucks
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