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Sunday, February 17, 2008


New intro, background and music
I love that song

New artwork:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I feel an incredibly strong mix of anger and pity

The golden compass, the movie and the books
They are both real work of art
I think the movie is fair, even though they took off the message in the book and gave more into fantasy
But that's not what I want to talk about
The books, ( I finished the first one ) are incredible

As a side note, i've been watching D.gray-man, until the most recent episodes, before writing this post.
And the message is a little bit similar.

And what is that message?
That religion is too strong, and that they're out of the woods on a lot of things

Firstly, understand that I am far from being a religion freak, even that i would say i'm the complete inverse
I do not believe in religion at all.

I've just watched this video on youtube, and i read all the comments
The video is here
( It's not exactly a video... it's just text )
The people are claiming that the Golden Compass, movie and books, are a way of destroying God
Destroying god.
My anger is so strong that I have trouble letting it out.

I think that kind of attitude is making everything lose sense.
Everyone know that there are a lot of people who do not believe in God ( I am part of them )
By God i mean, ''God'', father of ''Jesus''
But when over-christian movies get out, we never complain about anything
It's just another movie about it, there was some before and there will always be

So, why would christians complain when there's a ( pretty subtle ) movie that's more into Atheists?
( I'm not Atheist, but i respect Atheists a lot )
Is it really meant to be an offense to God?
Was the Golden Compass written after a ''Let's destroy religon'' thought?
I have to doubt it

I take Philip Pullman's message more in a warning way
As in, i'm quoting what I've heard in Fullmetal Alchemist: ''Get too close to the sun, and you'll just burn.''
That means, when you are too much leaning over religion, when you depend on it too much, then everything you've become is a zombie, a puppet that only serves to worship ''Jesus''' every little actions, and not live your own life, live the life as people or books ( Bible ) taught you to.

And that's what I think, what I'm always going to think, and who I am.
I do not hate ''God'' or ''Jesus''
I just can't believe in them
And i won't.
Until I meet one of them.
And then, I'll judge them, as they probably judge me, if they indeed exist.

Thank you if you read all that, my stress of the day just had to be taken out.

EDIT: Anger makes me draw better, I've just drawn this : Fanart!

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