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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/30/07:
Yes I do like sephiroth, but I luv Roxas! D: And I don't want mr. flowery person my partner...

What would your life be like in Kingdom Hearts? [girls only] by I_am_Heartless
Attitude:Mostly sad because you lost someone or something you loved
Weapon:Your powers
Which side are you on:Twilight
Who you like:Septiroth
Who likes you:Roxas
Destiny:I really just don't know what my destiny is
Which side will you be on in the future:The Twilight
Do you like your life:It comes, it goes

Result Posted on 11/30/07:
O_o, uhm...:D okay!

Your Kingdom Hearts Life*girls*!! by Roxas_Lover_Tay
Your Name??
Your Age??
Fav. Character??
Who you Marry!!
Your Best Friend!!
Your X Boyfriend!!
Your partner!!
Your Enemy!!
How much u love ur life!!

Result Posted on 11/30/07:
TT_TT I really don't completely hate these results except that sora hates me... <(T_T<) (>~_~)>

What the Kingdom Hearts 2 Characters think of you. (Mostly for Girls) by Way to the Dawn
Your Name
Your Age
Favorite Color
Favorite Character
Sora:Hates you.
Riku:Thinks you're weird.
Kairi:Wishes she was more like you.
Namine:Wishes she was more like you.
Roxas:Loves you.
Leon:Likes you.
Yuffie:Can't find any materia so steals your summons insted
Cloud:Wants to slice you up with his Buster Sword.

Result Posted on 11/28/07:

Another Naruto Life quizz!!! ( Pics Thoughts, and stuff like that included)

You're MitoYou Are Kind, jumpy, enerjetic, love Pranks, and seem to be a little accedent prone. You love many things, and can make friends easily, Altough you tend to be seen alone. You love being ative during the night, expecially during the fool moon, and use Illusions and your surrondings when your fighting. Your very strong, and hate people who are mean to others. Your not that boy crazy, and Will protect what you love with your life. Dose anyone know about the demon you hide inside?BF: None right now (If you want you can cheat and say who IDK who would be good for this character)Nindo: Work hard to get what you want. Favorite food: Tacos, Fish, Ice creamThoughts:Naruto: She beats me in pranks...Sauske: Atleast she's not jumping all over me...Sakura: She dosn't like meKakashi: Shes strong, and trains hardIno: We don't get alongKiba: She likes animalsGarra: I Like her as A friend, but theres something shes hideing...Tsunade: Shes a good ninga, there should be more like herItachi: Not as strong as what I'm after Shino: Atleast she dosn't mind my insectsTamari: Shes nice, we like each otherKunkuro: She dosnt Like my puppet *Wimpers*Lee: I want to one day challenge herGuy: Oh crud! Hope she dosn't beat the snot out of lee...Shikamaru: She unlike naruto has common sence
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Result Posted on 11/28/07:
:D yay! Roxas! : uh...no. i do not know wut AkuRoku...

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
What Organization XIII Member Are You?
Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Result Posted on 11/27/07:

Who Will be Your Love? (Kingdom Hearts 2) Awesome pic results!!

You have quite the taste for people who should not exist, but do...It seems Roxas has crossed the border of friendship between you and him. Young Roxas is a Nobody, but he seems just like any other average kid out there. To you, he's easy to befriend, but you shall struggle to earn his utmost love, even if such a love is hollow. But if he really did have his own heart, he would've been just like Sora, risk his own skin and travel the universe for you, never forgetting to think about you now and then.
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Result Posted on 11/27/07:
I'm not a fangurl of Sora, but he's still really cool! He's just one of those guys were ur like, "OMG LET ME TOUCH UR HAIR!!!!!" 8D

Which Kingdom Hearts 2 Guy would like you? {Girls and Gays}

What they think:Sora: She's... kinda cute.Riku: She believes in me.Kairi: She's a friend wrecker!Hayner: She's actually normal.Pence: She understands me.Olette: We should go shopping sometime with Pence and I.Xemnas: She would be a good decoy for the keyblade bearers.Xigbar: She maybe useful for our plans.Saix: Is she what we were looking for, for Kingdom Hearts?Axel: I'd tap that.Demyx: How can she be so nice when she's been through so much?Luxord: She never has fun.Roxas: What is this feeling I have? Is this what it's like to have a heart?Your uber nice! You think ahead and you plan your observations. It seems Sora, Riku, Axel, and Roxas took a liking to you...
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Result Posted on 11/27/07:
:P pfft. I can sing. I just like to do it to myself and not going solo...

What do Kingdom Hearts 2 Characters think of you? (Girls Only)

Name: Tenten Boyfriend: Sora, Riku, or Roxas Bestfriends: Kiari and Axel Life Description: You're a person who doesn't back down, and not afraid to take a chance! You've been friends with Riku, Sora, and Kiari for quite awhile. After Sora disapered you had recently met Roxas and Axel. But after Sora returned and Roxas and Axel where gone you've been preaty confused. Sora: She is completly awesome! Riku: She's fun and hot! Kiari: She's a really good friend. Goofy: If Sora likes her, I like her. Donald: same as Goofy.Capt. Jack: she's alright, but I wouldn't want her on me crew, Savy. Jack Skelleton: She's an amazing Dancer, but not that good at singing. Xemnas: hate her Xigbar: She is one HOT dudette!Xaldin: I shall kill her. Vexen: Erritating Lexaeus: Same as Vexen Zexion: (too much of an EMO to answer) Saix: She's powerful, but not enough for this Organization. Axel: She is H.O.T, HOT!! Demyx: she's very kind. Luxord: Terrible at poker Marlixia: eh she's ok. Larxen: annoying Roxas: She's the love of my life!
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Result Posted on 11/27/07:
:) he's an emo, but emos r cool. I'm not a fan girl of him but I do admire him

Who is your anime boyfriend? characters from FMA, Naruto,Fruits Basket, Kingdom Hearts and many more with Pics

You got...Sasuke! From NarutoHe is so cool.Shippuuden Sasuke:
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Result Posted on 11/27/07:
Just like Rei's eyes! :) But her's r red cuz Keirx(Rei's nobody) slit her eyes open but some how she could still see. the blood just stained her eyes.

What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?

Red -> Woah, chill there! You're a people-loather. You love fire and evil plotting. In anime you'd be the villan that's beautiful and most people would want to be with you (fans that is). You've got deep desire behind your eyes, secretly there's something that you do love (besides hate) but you're afraid to tell what it is. Try to like people, start with one and move on from there. C'mon, it can't hurt TOO much!
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