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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 12/07/07:

You are a Great Girlfriend
When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful
But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself
You're the perfect blend of independent and caring
You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

Result Posted on 12/07/07:

You Are 5% Open
You are not a very open person. For you, privacy is very important.
And while you do have friends, even your friends don't know you well.
Try to open up a little more. It's amazing how much better relationships are when the other person understands you.

Result Posted on 12/07/07:
think wut u want ppl, I'll keep my comment to myself..^_^

Your Love Is Represented By a Pink Rose
You see love as something that should be light, fun, and whimsical.
People fall in love with you easily. And you tend to fall out of love easily!
You express your love through attention and shared experiences. You love people more than they realize.

Result Posted on 12/07/07:
yep totally true

Your Inner Gender is Male
You are rational, matter of fact, and quite dominant.
You like to get things done, without any emotional messiness.
You truly don't understand most women. And you definitely feel more comfortable around men.
No doubt about it. You're a guy - at least on the inside.

Result Posted on 12/07/07:
yep. no doubt, that is defenately me

You Have Low Self Esteem 84% of the Time
You're definitely in a low place right now, but you also know deep down that you can get out of your funk.
Take a chance and make a new friend or try a new interest. Shaking things up will give you the self-esteem boost you need!

Result Posted on 12/07/07:
Only 3 letters, I don't understand how accurate this could be but wut does a stupid idjiot like me know? O_o

What Rei Means
R is for Radiant

E is for Emotional

I is for Irresistible

Result Posted on 12/07/07:

(Personality) What Cliche Video Game Character Are YOU!? (With Awesome Anime Pix!)

The Brawler: Congratz! You just scored as the brawler! The brawler, although mainly seen as male, has also been known to be female. As such, you're undoubtedly the strongest out of any group, and never let friends down in a pinch! You can be a little hot headed from time to time, and have trouble showing emotion because you feel it's a sign of weakness.Weapon of choice: FistsAttributes: Easily angered, Strong
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Result Posted on 12/07/07:
Even though I would probably be scared out of my mind, yep, that sounds like me

How did you die in your past life? (for everyone)

You were killed during a mission or while trying to protect someone and you died with honor. you never regretted what you did and you are a very brave and strong individual. You know what is right and you are willing to stand up for it. Even if it means death.
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Result Posted on 12/07/07:

Who are you inside?

You are a dark person. You have a really quiet and really a i dont' care attitude. You like to be alone and that is what you enjoy. You don't like to be around others and you'd rather be away from here. You have a get away from me look and others find you bitchy and self-rigious. You'd rather read than be at a fair but that's ok because that's who you are.
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Result Posted on 12/06/07:
:D I beleive this quiz was made by suika sohma-san. ^-^ plz try this quiz! it's fun!

What Manga style would YOU star in? (Meant for girls)

Action Shonen: Your Manga is fast-paced , suspenseful and chocked full of fighting and combat. (Examples: Naruto and Bleach)
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