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Hello and welcome to my site! As of now, my website is very new and I am still working on a few things. Until the changes have been made, I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to browse around. Until then...don't spam until necessary.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Man, my birthday party was fun!! oh man, it was great!! but now it's over...*sob sob* man, after everybody left, i realized how much i hate school. no free time at all. i'm also sick with a sore throat... it sucks so much! why can't the school board make school start at like 12 and end at 3? that would be a sweet sweet dream. i heard that the governor of arizona is trying to make school go from 7:30 to 5:30 and have saturdays be half-days. i want to kill that woman so much! if she tries anything...god shit is going down!!! well anyways...that was my weekend.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

   I don't know...
i guess this is true...sorta kinda.

Your personality is best represented by Morning.
You are a calm person and really nice to
everyone, even if they are a bit...odd
sometimes. You are relatively happy with your
life at the moment and sometimes feel sorry for
everyone who seems to be surrounded with
problems all the time. You probably get pretty
good grades in school and know quite a few
people, even if you arent close friends with
many of them.

What Time of Day Best Represents your Personality? (anime pics!)
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Saturday, August 20, 2005

My first week of school is over! i got my new rap cd! i'm getting a job soon! yes!! unfortunetely, nothing happened to me today! oh wait, i had to constantly be watching my back for FRESHMEN FRIDAY! i thought that was just a huge joke, but it's real!!! REAL!!! At least two of my friends were surrounded by upperclassmen and were basically "attacked". all of the seniors would corner freshmen in the halls, bash them against the lockers...and take permanent markers and write "F" on them. i planned ahead and wrote "F" on myself. plus, my biology class just found out that i'm a freshmen. i guess they thought i was older. but i'm the only freshmen in my biology class of 38 people. hopefully tomorrow, i'll actually have a quiz put on my site! LATER everybody!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   The Story: Love Life of Me...it sucks
so here it is...like i said it would be. where do i begin, oh yeah. i had a girlfriend in 6th grade, it lasted two months. anyway, to the more interesting one. two days before winter vacation at my school, in 8th grade, i asked out this girl that i liked. lucky for me, or unlucky, she said yes. over the winter break, we went to the bowling alley and saw the phantom of the opera! only two dates. but each date, she had to bring one of her friends because she never told her parents, or her sister, that we were going out. our relationship didn't really change due to this. three days before school started again, we saw the phantom of the opera, and after, i went to my friend's, jaffrey and jason, house. at there house, they asked me if we were still going out. i just said "as far as i know yes" and they said "well check the singles page on the otaku." the otaku is just a forum we go on, she was on it too. when i got home that night, i found that she didn't even like me in the first place and that she was going to break up with me. god... that weekend sucked! as i put it, my three days of hell. i was so mad that weekend. all i could think about was what i was going to say when i got back to school. i had it all planned out, i was just going to see her in the morning at breakfast, and calmly lash out at her (sound creepy yet?) well, what i actually did was sit down at the table she always sat at and basically just sat there waiting. finally, she comes up to me and says out loud "can i talk to you" that was just obvious! i got up and we went a couple feet away from the table and she just said "i'm really sorry, you don't have to forgive me if you don't want to." she looked at the ground the whole time. i said "well why did you even go out with me in the first place?" her reply "i thought i could grow to like you" i was still very very mad. i actually made her feel a little bit worse in fourth period. she sat right in front of me and the class was being a little too loud with the sub there. i just had enough(i was now very mad) and just yelled "EVERYBODY SHUTUP!!!!" everybody basically jumped so far forward in their seats. the next day, i came up to her and said "look, i want to try and be friends again" i decided this for her sake. right after that, she acted like nothing ever happened. for about three months, everything was fine, until the 8th grade dance came up. once again, the otkau single's page comes up! you guys need to read it for yourselves. anyway, during the dance i was pretty angry with her due to waht had happened(otaku) yet she still came up to me like i wasn't mad at all! (my face was not very happy and she still did this!) well, i guess she found out that i was mad at her, and she cried too...i made her cry. damn. the very next day, i was still planning to lash out at her with a calm tone(that's how i yell at people, calm tone) my friend john actually video taped this moment. instead of lashing out at her in a calm tone, i forgave her about what happned and she started crying again! but this time was a happy cry...two times i made her cry. oh boy, here is the best part, DISNEYLAND!!! jason and jeff ansked me if i was going to get her anything, i decided "sure why not" i ended up getting her this mickey mouse silver necklace(wonder if she still has it?) jason told me to put a note in there, i actually still liked her right now. but anyways, he told me to write, "you can break my heart, but i can still love you with all of the little pieces" romantic? i thought it was. i gave her the gift but told her to read the note inside later. at night, when we all had to meet up with eachother to go home, i saw jason and jef sitting down. i decided to go sit with them. when i walked up to them, in the corner of my eye, i saw her with her hood down...crying. three times folks, count it three! oh man, it just hit me that i must of sent her down a really bad guilt trip. how i did not notice this earlier, i don't know. but anyway, i felt so stupid for this whole summer. the last i heard of her that summer was when she wrote me that i gave her another reason to hate herslef...damn. anyway, she is the kind of person where she will act like nothing ever happened, and this is what she did. i now see her at school, and she still acts like nothing happened. well that's it. thw story. there's a lot more to it, but i'm too lazy to write it all. like i said, if you want to see more, go to theotaku.tk , go down to the "off topic" section, then go to "are you single" there aer about 42 pages, my part comes in at about page 30-42...it lasted that long!! but it is actually pretty interesting to see how everybody else reacted. LATER everybody!
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   ... :I
oh man!! today was sooo...boring! i'm getting tired of this! high school is supposed to be fun! all of my teachers are all like,"I wish I could repeat high school!" It's all a load of bull! eighth grade was way better than this! in 8th, my friends and myself were the oldest, the smartest, and the cream of the crop! now we're back to "HAHA, stupid freshmen." it's annoying! anyways...the only interesting part of the day was when my friend damon just did the dumbest thing at lunch! (oh yeah, in eighth grade, i saw all of my friends a lot, now we don't see eachother at all.) back to damon...we were waiting in line for lunch, and he just gasped...a huge *GASP* and then he moved his hand to his mouth like people do when they gasp. after he was done, he just stared right in front of him. after about 10 seconds, i just said,"What the hell was that?" and he just burst out laughing! he said,"GOD i was waiting for you to say something! I couldn't keep a straight face for long!" God...I couldn't stop from laughing. my stomach was about to burst I was luaghing so much! god, damon is so funny in a random kind of way. other than that, high school sucks. preview for tomorrow- The Story: The Horrible Love Life of Michael Davis...Seriously, it Really Sucks.
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