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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Hello, my name is Misha-chan. I am 161/2 going on 17 in 12/10/88. I have Curly brown hair, and light brown eyes. I am about 52 and am currently attending high school. I have many many bishies, Kurama, Kakashi, Okita, Eyes, Hiei, etc. My hobbies include drawing, writing, painting, archery and of course swordsmanship. My favorite color is blue and my favorite place to be is the ocean.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

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Misha-chan: Hello everyone!! ^^ Sorry this is a really late update I know but I've been busy.

Kakashi: *looks over at all the hw* She missed a whole week of school because she had the flu.

Misha-chan: Yeah and it stunk. So yeah anyway I need to make a spelling fix. I spelled Jounin wronge! Thats how you really spell it okay? Not Junin, like I had it.

Kakashi: *shakes head* You're an embaressment sometimes.....

Misha-chan: oh shut up. no one wants to here from you!

Kakashi: I'm wounded!

Misha-chan: Good. Now on with the story!!

Warning: There is alcoholism in this story be advised that I do not condone underaged drinking nor part take of it myself. Though I have had a few drinks here and there and find them quite gross. So this is a warning I take no responsibility for your actions you hear? (readers nod) Good! On with the story!!

Chapter 3 of Chains were ment to be broken: Big date? Or big mess?

You were sitting in the living room watching Kakashi's genin eat your wonderfull cooking that you so graciously cooked for them.

"Wow! This is great Kanata-senpai!" declared the ever so bright Sakura with a huge smile.

You smilled slightly and replied with a simple "thank you."

"Hey sis, can you teach me how to cook?" asked Naruto with much excitement.

You raised an eyebrow "you mean you want to actually learn?"

"Believe it! I wanna eat all the good cooking that I can before I get old and gray ya know?" asked Naruto with his mouth full.

You whinced at his table manners while thinking 'well if I do teach him anything then the first thing I do is teach him some table manners.....'

The silver haired Jounin on your right hit Naruto up side the head "don't talk with your mouth full! It's rude to do that in front of a lady." You nearly fell over in your seat, 'you mean to tell me that that arogent waste of space is actually giving him a lesson in manners? Wow... I'm shocked!'

"Oh I'm sorry Kanata-nee. Forgive me?" pleaded Naruto with the biggest puppy dog eyes you had ever seen.

You let out a long winded sigh "yes Naruto I'll forgive you...."

Naruto beamed with delight and swallowed his food "great so when are ya going to teach me some of your cooking?" You looked at him for a second 'you know he really is trying to be a little brother.... wierd people.' "Umm how about I give you your first lesson in a week?" Naruto nodded his head so vigorously that you thought his head might pop off.

Kakashi looked over at you "so what time shall we go on our date?"

You deadpanned "uhhhh...... ermm......how about 8:00?"

"Sounds good to me. Looking forward to it." stated kakashi with excitement as he got up from his seat and went into his room to plan what they would do. You looked after him in shock 'this is going to be a long night...'


You looked your self up and down finally satisfied with your out ward appearance, seeing as you were wearing a navy blue kimono with silver dragon flys on it and your hair was up in a bun and you actually took the time to put some light make up on. Which startled you ever so slightly but you merely shrugged it off. 'Well perhaps I should go and get out of my room now? Wait.... I mean Kakashi's guest room! Darn it! That little booger is growing on me!' You so humbly declared as you walked out of the room and nearly fell when you were blinded by a flash of light.

"Hey what gives?!" you yelled and bonked little Naruto on the head. "Why did you take a picture of me you moran?!"

Naruto sat on his heals and rubbed the sore spot that was now steadily growing on his head "Kakashi-sensei told me too..."

You glared "Well if Kakashi-kun told you to jump off a mountain, would you?!"

"No because thats stupid.... I'd die..." concluded Naruto with a frown.

"Well Naruto if you wish to see your next Birthday you will not take another picture of me again. You undestand?" you questioned your voice low in warning.

Naruto gulped and nodded his head quickly while putting away the camera. You smirked the whispered "good. Now where is that ingrate?"

The silver haired Jounin walked into the room at that precise time and your jaw nearly hit the floor. He stood there with a black tank top that made his muscles stand out, silver arm gaurds, his usual gloves and pants. His face per usual was still covered with the mask but that didn't seem to register in your head at the moment your eyes were still glued to his chest and arms. 'Why on earth would he hide his body if this is what he has?!'

"Yohko-chan? Are you okay? You are turning very red...... do you need to sit down?" questioned Kakashi as he came up to you and felt your head. "Hmmm, you are slightly warm too, are you feeling well?"

You slapped his hand away finally taking your eyes away from his chest and looking at his face with a puzzled frown "I'm fine. Let's go!"

Kakashi simply shrugged and took a hold of your hand and led the way out of his house towards a small succluded park with a lake. A small boat was at the lake's shore and Kakashi carefully helped you in it. Then proceded to steer it off into a general direction. Stopping it suddenly in the middle of said lake.

You blinked "why are we stopping?"

"This is where we are eating, and staying for the duration of the date. Why? Can't you swim?" questioned the silver haired Jounin as he took out some glasses and a bottle of sake. "You can hold your alchohol right?"

You blinked 'truth be told I have no idea.... but he doesn't have to know that right? Right.' Then you nodded and he gave you a glass full of Sake and you whispered a "thank you" and downed the entire glass.

Kakashi watched you for a second then refilled your glass and watched you chug that one down too. He blinked as he finished his first "well you seem to be doing pretty well, there isn't many who could chug that and still be level headed."

You blinked several times to keep your bearings as the world spun once "oh yeah? Well I'm one tough cookie!" You chugged another glass 'not...'

"Well that is quite refreshing. When did you becaome anbu?" questioned Kakashi casually.

"Uh uh bub! I can't answer that and you know it." you stated your vission swimming and barely regestered that Kakashi refilled your glass, and that you chugged that one down only to have it refilled again.

Kakashi merely shrugged as you once again chugged down your drink and he asked again "I was just curious as to when you became anbu thats all." You hiccuped "uhhh I don't know.... a while ago I guess...." Kakashi smirked under his mask "really now? That must have been quite the experience." You gave a small nod before slurring out "yeah, it was freakin'awsome!"

Somehow you had managed to get a hold of the Sake bottle and was drinking from it as you told all about the training you had and the people you had to go and kill. All the while Kakashi remained silent and listened to your story with a look of interest and you readily told him as if you were just waiting for someone to listen to you.

At the end of it you had successfully drank all of the sake and spilled all of your Anbu secrets to the silver haired jounin who's lap you were currently laying your head on.

"You know what sucked about being part of my villages anbu?" you questioned him just to see if he was still listening, and you were quite happy when he replied with a "what?"

"I had to go hunt down my own friend because he was a deserter...... a rogue that broke away from our village..." you whispered as silent tears fell from your eyes.

Kakashi stroked your head as he watched and listened to you "I'm sorry you had to put up with that. It must have hurt...."

You gave a shrug "it hurt. I never want to feel that kind of pain again.....never again...." Kakashi looked down at you and realised that you had fallen asleep. 'Hmm how to sneek her home with out getting caught.......'


Misha-chan: heh. How indeed!

Kakashi: You mean you're stopping?!

Misha-chan: Ya! I just wrote four pages!

Kakashi: so..... what happens next? How do I get her home?

Misha-chan: It's a secret!^^

Kakashi: No fair....

Misha-chan: Well I hope you all liked this chapter! Sorry it took so long!! ^^ Thank you for reading it! Find out what happens in the next chapter of chains were meant to be broken!!!

Anyone who dares to say that my friends are trash will taste the steel of my blade.