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well then. I officially should come back to Otaku~

I missed you all,so cone and look around~

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hellloooooo Otaku~

It's been forever and a half since I really posted and or did anything. XD

so yeah.

I've gone to a few cons here and there,and i'm going to alot more!

anyone who's going to AnimeNEXT or Otakon,PLEASE comment to this post! I wanna see how many people I can meet there!

I'm already meeting Akureikarasu (from deviantart)
there and a whole bunch of other people I knaow are going. EEE!

oh yeah,I have a few cosplay pictures to post,so maybe I should do that. XD

-stretches- ahhhh~ it's good to be back~

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

  ANIME NEXT!!!! -fangirl screech-


I got a whole buncha glomps and I found my team gai -yess...I got to be Tenten!- it was fun, we found three tentens, three neji's and of course.....

one lee....^_^;

and the one and only gai-sensei!

so, it was really fun, I got to glomp sai,kyuubi,gaara-chan!,neji,sora,riku,heartless,ansem
squall,hitsugaya,lee,neji,gai-a bajillion and a half times XD-

so yeah, and alot more, I'll post pictured somewhere in the near future when I'm not so lazy XDD

yay~ My first con was awesome!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


hiya everyone ^_^ I'm just sitting here, really bored. Waiting to go to my softball game.-whee~- an' then I'm going to gizmos! wooooo!

uhh yeah, not much really going on, I'm just chillin looking for patterns for my cosplay*I still can't find anything!* so yeah
oh and....

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