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Japanese Title: Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo

English Title: Even If You Break Tomorrow

Call my name, someone's voice calling out
The deep sadness in the darkness
You with the fair skin is shining light over there from me

I still can't tell if it's black or white
Is this love out of style?
During the whole day, we only wait for the morning to come

Even if you break tomorrow
I won't run away from here
Your smile
Heals my tired body

Lonely heart, the leftover heart, like a gaping hole that is emptied
Unable to control myself, I was impatient at something
" That love won't be forgotten," so I said when we met
The *expressions that hid my true intentions, can I still save them?

Even if you break tomorrow
Will the wandering continue?
I loved, and I found out for the first time
The terror of losing

Even if you break tomorrow
Even if you became unable to see anything
In the peaceful times
We'll start walking

That's your illusion. . . .