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Hello, This is a place for Adults and young Adults
†Name†: Call me what you want.
†Age†: 18.
†Sex†: ????
†Email†: Ask and Die (I just Tell my Friends, you suck fuck)
†Favorite Website†: www.peemonster.net, BUT Don't go there! you won't like what you'll see.
†Favorite color†: Black.
†Favorite Anime†: Enzai.
†Favorite music†: KoRn.
†Hobbies†: Drawing.
†Addictions†: Candy, My Friends here and Energy Drinks.
†Likes†: Nothing in life.
†Dislikes†: Time.
†Loves†: Cold and grey days.
†Hates†: The way some you look at me.
†Goals†: To fuck you up.
†Talents†: My Silent Maddness.
†Need to Know†: I'm a pervert so if you don't like it, then †fuck off†.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

anyone there? O: Umm, I just got back on <3
got a new DELL!! HELL YES!!

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