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Saturday, January 19, 2008

my brother is being a pain in my ass right now if i could i would probably kick his ass but he is stronger and would kill me before i got with in 2 inches from him and well i gusse i hurt his arm but when his broken arm heals he will kill me, if he doesn't break it for the sixth time in a month man i swear he is insane but i can't prove that yet docs won't help me they say he is perfectly fine something is wrong with them. we are kinda havin a fight but without the yelling and the screaming and the beating and the throwing of the furniture and the dad and mom screaming at us to put the furniture down but it not working and then he wins. well i have nothin to say now cause i said everything that i could think.
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Friday, May 4, 2007

so hello (very very board) =)
Hello i am very very board and i can get on at school because i have no class right now cause coach johnson ism't here. well haow is every one i that today because i can't do anything but sit in the library untill the end of 7nt hour so i am very board
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How would your anime family look like? (pics) by Princess Sakura
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Hey how id everyone. I am okay just a little tired. My brother is very helpfull. how many of you here know who Strawberry Miyavi is. Well if you do he is my brother and is very nice. if anyone would like they can leave any tips on how to make my site better.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

   my brother is a pain in my ass
He may be a pain in my ass but he is a good guy that keeps annoying me. if he doesn't quit i'll kick his ass if i could. i hate having a annoying brother but i'll live. i just got this site so please sign my gb.
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