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Thursday, April 12, 2007

   so yeah im nervouse
well i started hanging out with a friend of mine and i just met this person over spring break and it has been 2 weeks and im starting to fall in with love... but i know thi sperson liks me back but im so not sure yet if its a weird thing to do we dont go to the same school bti soon this person will and i have fun around this person so its great and i never felt like thois before wonder what i should do should i just fallow my heart and see what it will take me.. i wonder if we migth be together and i wonder what people would think.. that part scares me realy is it true there willl be people looking at you becuase your a diffrent couple around here...

by the way i love this person and it is a she... so what if it is i know she is bi as well wonder if it would work out do you think on that..

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