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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what it feels like...
lets just pertend, its what im good at.. i cant even speak face to face. it what im not good at i cant write i can type better then writing it on a paper. i wish i must just be in this dark room with this screen in my face that would be my work, i lisen to emo music to just think the way that im feeling. when im not even there dont worry im there all you need is me in your heart. i can do this anymore. im not this person who wants to meet up and do things, it feels like im just guna walk off and make a new life like i always do every two years passing by ending it and makking up a new life, im feel like i was never planning on do stay my life like this right after this is all over i just want to fall apart and go on with the truth thats been hidding in me for two years. itsgiving me with draws i wonder whats guna happen from a year from now. im falling in love but it feels like im guna let my body go and make my self nervouse with this hidding thats in my self, im afird of many things that you wont never know. i will alays love you no matter what but my heart will fail soon.. i cant conrol it it feels like you cant never let go i can let go i need this but i know i dont deserve it at all its not right. i cant sleep im to nervouse from these with daws thats guna hunt me for life. what have i done i cant handel it its giving me bad with daws mostly at night when i dream on what will happend in a year from now. if only you would take me for this real person behin the mirror. i wana run away change my name and age and everything just so no one will find me.
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