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hi~ i'm krystal! welcome to myO please sighn my gb!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

give krystal more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Friday, February 24, 2006

hay! today has been simi good!!

ok i saw simi cuz it's also been wierd ... nathan got a gf, i'm meeing her later tonight, i fear she's a real freak ._." and ir really don't wan't to meet her, i'm just being nice to nate (from now on nathan is nate :3) cuz he hasent been pervy today woooo!! o did i say i got animal crossing yesterday! tis fun and addicting @x@ well i'll tell you about nate gf later, oki!


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ok ok, remembur how i said that nathan was bi well.. ok heres what happened
fma_krystal: ed! :L
Nathan Whitis: i like Vash better
fma_krystal: who asked you >.>
Nathan Whitis: bob!!!!!!!!!!!1
fma_krystal: O.e
Nathan Whitis: *GASPE* humps vash
fma_krystal: o_o
fma_krystal: XD
fma_krystal: i have a friend named vash o.o
Nathan Whitis: did i tell you i was Bi?
fma_krystal: si'
fma_krystal: >.>
fma_krystal: but vash isant hot 0.0
Nathan Whitis: yeah he ish
fma_krystal: ed better D:<
Nathan Whitis: vash ish
YAAAAA thats was the wierdest 10min of my life O.e

BTW my ninja pic is up~!

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   blog ish
hay ya'll , i don't think my art came up, that sux, well i'll just submit it agin ^-^

day 2 blogISH

ok i'm thinking i hate nathan o_o it's wierd, it's like he freeks out if you get mad at him for being a perv, he starts to just type ".." it's a pain, oh well enouf about the dumb@SS, my friend kelseytoday she decited, she wasent gonna be hyper or insane any more, it sux, well not really, OH i never told everyone about my sport!! i play foeld hockey now! this weekend is my 3ed game!!! i hope i do good! wish me luck!

PS does any one have like a "blog" thing they can gave me, or can someone mak me one?? PLEESE

PSS please comment!!


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