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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   YAHOO! *does a little happy dance*
today, the PSSA tests ended! YEEES!! FINALLY!!! WOOHOOOO!!! ^__^. on top of that, in 23 days, i'll be turning 13! i'm thinking of having a pizza/movie party. what dp you guys think? good idea or bad idea? well, on the topic of manga, i'm collecting a series called RealBout Highschool. it's rated T for teen, so if your parents are picky and don't want you to read swear words and such, then this isn't for you. it's full of action and comedy. i'd definatly recommend it. well, have a nice day everyone! I'm off to visit updated sites! ^__^ later! take care! love you guys!
Youre Yami Bakura! Youre insane and mean. but deep
within you have some soft side. you like blood

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