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Chelsea xX MB

Straight up Filipino.

Born in 4.8.93

Odom Academy sucks. Sometimes.

[3]Honors & Pegasus[1]

HS classes

“Nobody can’t beat me.”

1st chair FLUTE;


[ B a n d ]

R a n d o m M o o d s?
Happy/crazy//worried/QUIET- most of the time

a whole lot


My Family + God is very much Loved,

and My friends/heroes are always there!

Always craving for food! Muaha!

Dancing, singing, Playing DDR,

is what I like to do. It keeps me motivated. Sometimes.^^

Yes, I’m nice. Cool. Helpful.
And it gets 10x stronger, if you think about it.

Yeah, I can be a complete meany,

but I really don't mean to be one- ^^

“Sorry”ß I say it for my unfavorable actions


That’s all.

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