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Monday, December 17, 2007

   Post if you have an answer to my question
When I go into my back room on here it shows 57 visits then(closed for renovation)weird
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Lunch not only a time to eat but a time to post
This is just a random thought but what would happen if it snowed on chibis where would they be BURIED IN A BLANKET OF SNOW that's where.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

What r ur views on this topic
alcohol and drugs I honestly don't pan to drink unless it is a special occasion see ya.
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I'm still alive
Man o Man i am glad its the weekend I can finally hang and not worry about home work.Oh and if you don't mind send me a happy B-day PM because its on the thirtyith of December 5 days after christmas.Comment or something(sigh)so lonely
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   Hello fellow Otaku goers!
I am back and kind of hungry but it really doesn't matter just happy to be back and on the anime track....Creepy didn't mean to rhyme that is about it See ya later alfa noodle out
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

my friend Colleen says to preach it.Lets begin
I found some people that read Manga but don't tell anyone it is sad they don't tell because they know they will be picked on and i say they aren't alone
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everyone in this school makes fun of me and you know what i'm okay with that.I just don't get why i am alaways teased what did i do to these people to make them hate me so much.I have one answer for that NOTHING.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

One last note to ponder
Most of you on here probably have some kind of symbol you like anime a shirt,decals anything wear it to your school and show the pride and if other anime supporters notice you they might join you that is how i made my friends so if someone teases you remember you arent alone you have us and together we can stand the comments because when we are succesful in our lives and they are not just remember you didnt say a thing back and you are higher in life then they are and that is where it counts.Alfa Noodle signing off P.S.Colleen Jessie call some time cause i miss you all so much.See ya or tlk to ya later :)
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   Comment back if this sounds like a typical day in school
You get off the bus hang in the commons or bleachers area with friends(not as good as u guys Colleen Jessie)then head to classes and in my 3rd class i have a teacher that enjoys mocking me for being me an anime supporter and a ninja cause of my head band(Leaf village)then at lunch i am made fun of by the idiots that have nothing better to do not that bad though some teacher stick up for me all and all it is okay thats about it seeya later
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I am alive and on my favorite Hangout the Otaku
Yay happiness its Friday and i am prepared to post im spending the night at my neighbors(that note is for you Colleen and Jessie buddies) well that is about it except for the fact about school and i think you will agree when I say None of us like it.Later Alfa Noodle out FLCL rules
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