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yo this is bob also know as flamingpixie i am here to be cool and tell u to be my fans.

You are Black!! You're mysterious, secrective, and
protective! You usually like to be alone but
sometimes you like to hang out with your
friends! You are very protective with the
people that you love and know! You are the
person who cares more for other peopls too. You
are tough also. Evem thought not many people
know much about you they know that you can be
trusted and a warm hearted person!and if u want to be freinds sign my gestbookand i will happy and if their is any single girlsthat need or want a boyfreind i will go outwith u no matter wut because i am a single man who needs a girlfreind.

Friday, February 2, 2007

   i have to tell you guys something
i ... am a homosexual male ...please don't hate me
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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